Real life fake sport - the professional wrestling thread

Was looking around for a place to scream into the void about that MJF promo from last night‘s Dynamite and realized there wasn’t one, so I figured I'd create it.

So: How about [that MJF promo]( from last night's Dynamite? I'm usually not really a sucker for worked shoots -- I like my fake sport to exist in its own fake universe -- but as a Long Island Jew I've longed for MJF to be cheered outside of Nassau County and him as "the guy who makes you feel things" up against a corporate champ seems like a direct ticket to the MJF babyface show. Could he take the belt off a heel Punk at All Out? Feels a little soon for both the turn and the change, but this MJF story is 100% a main event level story so I'm not entirely sure what else he could do.

Also, just completely wild that there's a wrestling show on basic cable in 2022 that has CM Punk as its top champ calling out Hiroshi Tanahashi. My fantasy booking of 2014 has apparently come to life.

In addition to Punk vs Tanahashi, there are apparently rumors that Kazuchika Okada vs Hangman Adam Page is on the Forbidden Door card. Anything else you'd like to see? I'm surprised by no Moxley vs Tanahashi, so I'd love to see something like Mox vs Shingo Takagi instead.

And while the pro wrestling sign JRPG Wars could probably take up their own thread, I see no reason not to kick this one off with an Insert Credit panel member's major contribution to wrestling:


Oh man glad to see some MJF appreciation here. He’s my favorite wrestler. I haven’t been as up to date and am behind a PPV or so, but every bit of story I see him involved in is pure gold. My friend knows how much I like MJF so he bought me a scarf that looks like his and I have worn it un-ironically.

Bringing this thread back. RIP to the greatest.


“I can't make them believe that wrestling is real, but I can make them believe that I am real.” -Terry Funk

@“onefiftythree”#p130262 This game is free on phone if you have Netflix. Anyone played it?

I just realized WrestleMania is live on Netflix this year for some reason, and starts in about 15 minutes.


The way wrestling has invaded popular culture in the last decade has fascinated me. I used to watch quite a lot of it with my dad and brothers when I was 10-13 (we even got a few pay per views!), but I’ve not seen it since then and it feels like there’s too much that’s happened for me ot ever jump back in.

Of course this is silly since the show is meant to be picked up by any jabroni who happens to stumble across it in the dark, but it will forever feel to me like I’m picking up a book in the middle.

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