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might go watch the dodgers again tonight


NHL: the Panthers are well on their way to being reverse swept by the Oilers which is craaaaaaazy. Last time it happened was in the first round of the 2014 playoffs…to the Sharks :sob: one of the worst sports moments I’ve ever experienced. This is 1000x worse being in the finals though.


And last time it happened in the finals was 1942…

go oilers

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The amount of time that the Stanley Cup has spent in Florida since the last time it came to Canada is way out of whack. Come on you Oilers.

(And yes I know players take the Cup around with them all over the place, so it always goes to Canada anyway, but you know what I mean.)

had low expectations for Poland at the euros, and it now seems the high point is managing to tie french zorro

Time for me to annoy you all again by posting about sumo!

The rankings chart for July is out:

Mitakeumi finds himself the highest he has been in a long time (since reaching then immediately bouncing out of Ozeki) – largely due to many people above him getting demoted. Asanoyama must have been frustrated to get injured again and need to sit May out, dropping him all the way back down to M12. At least he’ll get some easy matches to start the tournament, I expect him to post a 10+ winning record without too much problem from there. He may even be aiming for 12-3 or better, potentially challenging for the title.

Kirishima will need at least 10 wins to regain his Ozeki rank. If he is healthy and his ribs and shoulder are properly healed, this should not be a problem for him. That’s a rather large “if”, however.

Takerufuji is demoted back down to Juryo after sitting all of May out due to his ankle injury, after winning the March tournament on his top division debut (the first time that had happened in 110 years). I expect him to be at the top of the Juryo division in July, either winning or being right there in contention and to see him promoted back to the top division for September.


I (and everybody watching (and Lando)) saw this coming. Made me laugh when it happened, though.


i also laughed very hard, incredible scenes

Return of the old Max(getting in on-track incidents immediately upon getting even a little pressure from another driver). I like this more than the 30 seconds ahead of everyone Max.

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Admittedly not a Max fan in the slightest, so this is a loaded question: has this dude ever defended with class, or is it always shunts and cheating? I admit he’s shown himself capable of overtaking without doing such things, although that’s a toss up itself. But I definitely can’t remember him ever defending within the ruleset.

lots of sports stuff in my lil world lately:

We’re on our first win streak of the season AND up into a playoff spot! Good run of games atm but we have a real tough one against Washington this week before the Olympic break starts. And speaking of the Olympics we have two players called up: Asisat Oshoala(Ghana) and Rachael Kundananji(Zambia).

News in Sharksland has been great lately!! Ryan Warsofsky is our new coach, has been an assistant the last couple years and previously won some championships at lower levels. Thought has been for a while that he’s going to be an NHL HC even though he’s young, 36, and now it’s happening!

We got our boy Celebrini #1 overall and Sam Dickinson, a defenseman most had going much earlier, dropped to 11 for us! Our other picks seem great as well, overall an A+ draft. If all goes well and even half of our highly touted prospects translate to NHL level players we’re looking at having a very strong core going forward. Still big questions around our goaltending though, we just don’t have good starters, backups, or prospects. I imagine at some point we’ll just end up trading for one.

Free agency was also good for us, signed Tyler Toffoli and Alexander Wennberg. If Celebrini goes pro this year then Toffoli is a great sniper to pair with him and Wennberg will eat the hard minutes against top opposition so that Celebrini can have an easier time out there to get used to the league. I assume we’ll still be fairly bad this year, defense looking suspect desperately need an upgrade on RD, but fingers crossed the team will be more fun to watch.

We got a new coach at St Pauli, Alexander Blessin! Coming off a really good year with a Belgian club, Union St-Gilloise, where he won them their first trophy in like 100 years and qualified for Champions League. Don’t know much about him but FCSP fans seem to really love this move so seems like good stuff! Now we gotta sign some players lol

And the fast slide into right wing extremism worldwide continues as a player for Turkey celebrates a goal at the Euros by throwing out the Turkish equivalent of the nazi salute. The group this connects to is about as nazi-like as you can get full of master race rhetoric and fash loving politics. Fuck these pieces of shit.


The official WEC youtube channel has just uploaded the full race replay for last month’s 24 hours of Le Mans:

If you have no desire to watch a full 24 hour replay, they also have a 40 minute highlights cut:

…if 40 minutes is too much, there is also a 10 minute highlights package:

This coming weekend is the 6 hours of Sao Paulo, hopefully should be a good race!

Last weekend’s british F1 was fun to watch, turns out that what Formula 1 in 2024 needs is for it to rain in the middle of every race.


anyone watching copa america or the eurocup? who y’all got for the finals?

I’d love to watch England lose, but it is aggressively paywalled away from me here.

I might try to find a shady rebroadcast

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It was a day of upsets at the sumo today.
Wakatakakage, on his return to the top division and expected to waltz through the low rankers he is matched up against lost.
All three ozeki lost.
Onosato, winner of the last tournament and the favourite for some pundits to take this one also lost.

Kotozakura (O) vs Daieisho (K)
Atamifuji (M1) vs Hoshoryu (O)
Meisei (M1) vs Takakeisho (O)
Mitakeumi (M2) vs Onosato (S)

…at least Terunofuji pulled out a win upon his return, albeit not an overly convincing one. I think at his peak strength/fitness he would have finished this much sooner

Terunofuji (Y) vs Hiradoumi (K)

Should make for an interesting Day 2 tomorrow


its hard for me to root for spain tbh, so i hope :england: takes it

i’m rooting for colombia for similar reasons

My Reds seem to have found another standout prospect. This kid Rece Hinds is absoluetly mauling the baseball right now. Five homers in his first 6 games. Future’s looking bright for Cincy.


been to WEC in são paulo, i love race cars so much


Nice pictures! How was it watching the race in person?

I’ve been toying with the idea of going to 6hrs of Fuji

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A lifetime of Red’s fandom has beaten that kind of optimism out of me. Here’s hoping he doesn’t take an Aristides Aquino turn.

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