Recent Acquisitions

Ooh, some nice ui design in the that WRC there. that’ll be fun to look at!


Bought these during my trip to japan two weeks back.

  1. A ressha de ikou + hirogaru kankou rain DLC phyiscal bundle / A-Train All Aboard! Tourism

My older brothers had “A Train - Trains. Power. Money.” for the PS1 back in the day and I remember being endlessly fascinated when I watched them play. I thought it was so cool that you could build train lines and develop the city. I however was way too young and when I booted it up by myself one time I couldn’t even figure out the controls.

This is a bundle that contains a DLC that so far is JP exclusive and a nice little guidebook, which is pretty cool.

I heard mixed things about the game but I personally enjoyed it. The switch controls took some getting used to but after that it’s really enjoyable. If you’re into that sort of game. But as a German I feel like I’m genetically hardwired to like games like these.

  1. Hyaku Eiyuden / Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

I bought the game on release day at yodobashi camera and got some goodies. I thought that was pretty neat. Never had that happen to me here in Germany.