Recommend me some Canadian game retailers

This is primarily a question for other folks living in Canada: what stores do you buy physical copies of games from? I’m relatively new here, I’m trying to avoid Amazon for very obvious reasons, and while Best Buy has been generally reliable, they’re still ‘investigating’ the two orders of mine that never arrived in the last three months, soooo I’m dumping them. GameStop is also a retailer I’d like to avoid. I’d just like to have a reliable retailer who I can order the occasional physical game from. Online only is fine, as is brick and mortar that ships. Thank you all in advance!

I understand that I can still buy stuff from the US, but shipping from from the US to Canada often has unexpected things like surprise duties due on delivery, mysteriously long holdups, and unexplained tracking results.

Shoppers is actually pretty good for surprise online and in-person deals, and they do free delivery over $50. I picked up Switch Sports for $16 recently at one of them in a bargain bin. I wouldn‘t count on them to have new releases in stock on launch day though, and I’ve never actually ordered online from them so I can't vouch for their reliability.

The Source is another good option.

What are the local places like, like Game City?

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The Source is good for those occasional Games that launch at $60, will soon discount $20, and in 10 years be $60 again, since a lot of people forget they sell games. I got The Last Guardian there for 25 CAD about a year after release.

Otherwise there's these stores I don't have first-hand experience online shopping with, but have browsed their stock from time to time:

[]( (Online & store in Toronto)

[]( (Online & stores in Winnipeg)

[Microplay]( used to be a sort of Gamestop equivalent back in the day and I'd go buy all my used games there as a kid, though most of their locations have shut down since. It seems they still have a few shops throughout Ontario, Québec and Saskatchewan, as well as an online storefront (I haven't interacted with).

Microplay is good and that's where I buy my games if I can help it. I had no idea they had any locations outside Ontario and Quebec. I know that the store we have here does in-store price matching, you could try asking about that at the others.

You can also try [VGP](, though again I don't have experience shipping from them.


@“connrrr”#p99226 You can also try VGP, though again I don’t have experience shipping from them.

I can vouch for VGP. When I was trying to hunt down a physical copy of Dragon Quest XI S on Switch, they were the only retailer that had it available. Shipped fast too!

I have no information to contribute, I don't have much of a history of buying physical games.

I might be old fashioned in this respect, or perhaps I am justified in clinging to my seemingly outdated but still usually still pretty applicable preconceptions. However, for ordering games online from non-major retailers that you want to receive in a timely fashion, I'd probably still want to focus on retailers based in the closest major city/shipping hub. So, like, if you don't live in either one, I'd wonder if there was an AC Games equivalent in Calgary and/or Edmonton (if they're roughly equidistant go with whichever city is bigger, nobody outside of Alberta knows the answer to that question).

That's just based my biased and uninformed perception, though.

Thanks for the advice everybody! I think I‘ve got a bunch of options for the next time I buy a physical game (it’s pretty rare these days, and usually only games that I think my partner and I will both end up playing). I also appreciate folks suggesting some online only retailers– I mostly don‘t visit stores and do 95% of games buying online. I had seen VGP and wondered if it was any good, so glad to hear it’s decent.

Incidentally, Edmonton has a few small local games stores that I know of, but they mostly do resale of used games or specialize in older stuff like NES/Genesis/PS1 (although none that I've found carry any Saturn stuff, sadly).

I haven‘t bought anything from VGP but they do reprints so they’re good on my book.

Connierad mentioned it earlier, but I do most of my shopping at PNP Games. I live in Winnipeg so I shop at their retail stores, but the few times I've used their online store during COVID lockdowns it was good. Would definitely recommend!

@“Fuck Trevor”#p100073 I appreciate the suggestion, especially since they had the game I expected from Best Buy (that seems to have been stolen by the delivery driver) at a deep discount!

Edit: Order placed, so we'll see how it goes! The single thing negative about PNP is that they process credit card sales through PayPal (but I know most folks aren't as anti-PayPal as I am)!

London Drugs also carries video games!! Six locations in Edmonton.

Is buying video games at pharmacies a Canadian thing? Why are we like this?


@“connrrr”#p100581 Why are we like this?

I've never thought of how strange it was that one of my friends paid for half of a Nintendo Switch using his PC Optimum points till you asked this

Um so I'm just hearing about this now but Zellers is back kinda, in Ontario and Alberta. They look like sections within the Bay, who knows if they will grow to full-on stores of their own and then start selling electronics again. Something to keep an eye on.

@“fivedollardare”#p100584 this reminds me of how I'd save up my Canadian Tire money, and for some reason, they sold games.

@“hellomrkearns”#p109916it's totally cool” thanks, that made me gag!!

If anyone in the country near a Gamestop is looking for a Hori D-pad joycon, they have one left in Yarmouth lol. I wanted one but the site said it wasn‘t for online order, so I phoned up the store nearest me to see if they couldn’t ship one in from any of the locations that still had them in stock (this one came from somewhere in the Eastern Townships) and I just picked it up today!