recommendations for couch-competitive (or co-op?) games

I missed the XBLA bandwagon when local multiplayer games were apparently all the rage; but now I have three sons who are completely obsessed with Duck Game. there is too much Duck Game. I need something else (on PC) to play besides Duck Game.

We tried a little bit of screencheat. My oldest (8yo) loved it, but the 5yo was a little frustrated and the 2yo was a bit lost. They certainly didn't like it as much as Duck Game, where the three of them will play it seemingly indefinitely, screaming with delight the whole time, completely independently.

But I need something to play with them other than Duck Game.

We also played VIDEOBALL; but, to my disappointment, it definitely did not catch with them like Duck Game. Maybe it's just because it's not as viable for them to play alone, without me, needing four players as it does. But I need something to play with them other than Duck Game.

What do you like and/or recommend for a dad with his three sons? Something third-person, probably side-on or top-down, is likely best.

My friends and I also have a blast playing Duck Game (I mean how could you not?), and the other game we have similar amounts of fun playing is CRAWL. It's similarly intuitive and simple, but endlessly compelling. Might be a bit of a stretch for the two year old, but if he can manage Duck Game, Crawl is also worth a shot.

One player controls the hero traversing a 2D pixel art dungeon, and the other three control the monsters attempting to kill that hero.

@whatsarobot#10002 I've played CRAWL, but I found the filter over the graphics difficult to look at / process / interpret. I think I may be getting old.

Hidden in Plain Sight is fun. One player has to guess which of the characters in a scene are human controlled vs NPCs. And there are a bunch of modes that play with that theme.

[ Gang Beasts]( was great the few times I played it with my nephew. Frenetic action, dumb costumes, quick rounds. Controls are loose and janky in a fun way.

Samurai Gunn is great. Worms Armageddon is cheap on steam and a lot of fun. Roof Rage and Slap City are kinda Smash-y platform fighters, both reasonably cheap. If you're willing to emulate, Mario Party, Dokapon Kingdom, Power Stone, and Outfoxies are all great fun.

Also highly recommend Sportsfriends. Super Pole Riders is awesome but also needs even teams.

there are a ton of short and digestible arcade games if you can get a mame setup going

And being able to push a button for a quarter will help keep younger kids from getting too frustrated

Probably too similar to Duck Game, but what about TowerFall Ascension? And also maybe too easy of a recommendation, but how about Overcooked?

Or how about entering a shouting match with all of your kids and playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes?

Nidhogg 1 & 2 are my absolute favorite games that fit this bill

My kids range from 10-6 and I empathize with your struggle to find games that are appropriate content wise and also difficulty wise. Few of my suggestions are PC though :frowning:

  • - Bomberman has been a massive hit
  • - _Mario Party_ has also been a hit
  • - _Untitled Goose Game_ now supports simultaneous multi-geese* action
  • - I am a **huge** fan [_Capsule Force_](, but this is probably both too difficult execution-wise and abstract conceptually. Like _Videoball_, you need 4 players. Look, this isn't a suggestion for your needs. I'm just using the excuse to post about _Capsule Force_.
  • *[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    I have recently enjoyed Moving Out as a single player experience even though it is clearly designed as a co-op experience, I think that speaks highly to the potential for fun in the game.

    Big fan of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for local co-op stuff. I have a list somewhere of good local play PC games I'll have to go poke at.

    @TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#10030 I love Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime so much, holy crap. There are few co-op games I think are better than that.

    Maybe you'll some day be able to play Gunsport on something other than Stadia, and when that day comes, if it does, I will say “maybe you can try Gunsport.”

    I played over 30 rounds of Duck Game tonight. :duck:


    @exodus#10033 Maybe you’ll some day be able to play Gunsport on something other than Stadia

    After watching that trailer, the power of cloud gaming is made manifest to me. How could I ever play a game like that on my PC without the power of the cloud backing it?

    it simply can't be done

    (and I know you are joking but this is legitimately the joke made by all the stadia haters out there. "so this is the power of STADIA huh, a game I could just play on my PHONE!?")