recommended Game Gear games

bumping this thread because I ported someone's SMS homebrew to GG

zachtronics made the original Shenzhen Solitaire for PC

then this person made a clone for SMS

and then I had the pleasure of porting that SMS clone to Game Gear!

if you like solitaire games, and you like game gear games, you're in for a treat!

I'm glad this got revived cause I love the Game Gear!

Most of the ones I would suggest have already been mentioned, but I've got a few:
Yu Yu Hakusho: Horobishimono no Gyakushuu
Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba
Ax Battler
Factory Panic
Head Buster

There are also a bunch I haven't played but am very interested in, a lot of fan translations for some pretty cool-looking GG games have come out in the past year or so, so it's a less-bad time to not know Japanese.

Oh I‘m happy this got bumped too! My Pocket is finally showing signs of shipping and I’ve been slowly acquiring GG games for it. Looking forward to side loading some of the others dropped here.

@“mtvcribs”#p93060 there‘s an interesting JRPG called Moldorian which got an English translation not that long ago. I played the first while and it’s a very hot little play:

[upl-image-preview url=]

I set myself the challenge of reviewing every (Western) Game Gear game ever released over on Retronauts, and I‘m going to link it here because it’s relevant - sorry it isn't compiled properly yet, it will be.

For those lacking time for such silliness, the best Game Gear games are **Magical Puzzle Popils** and (genuinely, to my disbelief) **The Smurfs**.

Edit: Oh _God_ this thread is old. I'm sorry! I'm very bad at using this forum!

@“Stuart Gipp”#p157246 I’m always happy to see games added to recommendations threads like this one, so please don’t ever hesitate to post! (Also privately excited to check out the Smurfs and Magical Puzzle Popils)


@“Stuart Gipp”#p157246 Edit: Oh God this thread is old. I’m sorry! I’m very bad at using this forum!

Not to worry, unlike most boards we are generally _excited_ to see an old thread pop up with a new post!

I remember Aladdin being great. I haven't played it in decades so that may be nostalgia or bad memory, but in my mind it ruled and Aladdin has the distinction of having a totally different game for Genesis, SNES, and Game Gear and all 3 are good.

Another memory I have is Ristar being awesome. Maybe even better than the Genesis game? That may be totally insane, I can't actually remember it, but I like this memory so I choose to believe it lol.

Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are good. Like, I wouldn't play it over the Genesis games, but they're a neat oddity that are worth checking out.

The Power Rangers games were actually pretty good. I played them when I got my game gear in my 20s so it wasn‘t like just pure little kid memories. They’re interesting too in the way they exist between the worlds of arcade fighter and beat em up. I don‘t know if there’s ever been another game that's structured like those games are.

@“Garrett.exe”#p157324 quite a few sentai shows got this specific treatment, so the genesis games are also similar. But! they are very good, the game gear ones. I once called them the best fighting games on the platform and I stick by that. lots of context-based moves with very few buttons!

@"Stuart Gipp"#p157246 I've never tried the smurfs!! I gotta check it out.

I do maintain that some of the best games stayed in japan (sylvan tale, royal stone, godzilla, gunstar heroes which maybe came out in brazil on SMS also) but the game gear had some hot stuff, hopefully folks keep talking about it!

@“exodus”#p157326 When I compile the GG Directory I‘m gonna go back and add all the JP games so it’s truly complete. I'm looking forward to it, life has seemed empty since I stopped forcing myself to play Game Gear games every week.

@“Stuart Gipp”#p157328 there are a lot of english patches now too! And I bet there are a lot of great ones I've not played. I continue to suspect coca cola kid is fun and ninku is at least weird to look at.

@“Stuart Gipp”#p157246 oh wow this rules.

@“Stuart Gipp”#p157246 I‘ve been keeping up with your posts over there and loving them! I’ve tried a bunch of new games thanks to your series. Thank you!