Reggae Thread (na wit 80% ma Video Games)

the polaroid is Hip Tanaka backstage with Augustus Pablo

yall know this one???

whenever anyone mentions the “Mandela Effect”

Happy Shabby Life

@treefroggy#25701 sounds familiar :thinking:

On the real though that shanty town riddim seriously HITS. Cant mix much better than that. Very irie.


one of my favs


True to form, I only like ska, and the only ska I like is the predecessor of reggae. eg:

and classic famous biz like this:

I can verge into early reggae someeeeeeeetimes but not that often:

Anyhoo, I don't know if that needs another thread since ska is reggae's dad (and mom etc)

it is

@exodus#25867 naw man, I‘ve been posting the ska as well as dancehall and some rap ! I’ve heard the difference between ska and reggae described as simply that reggae has organ in it, lol. Good picks, the Bodysnatchers track I posted above is a 2nd wave ska cover of 007 by an all girl band.

I'm hoping for examples from other users of ska and reggae in video games I hadn't noticed before, no matter how silly it is.

Well this isn‘t in video games but is peripherally related in a way that I don’t remember! Has something to do with the amiga I think

I was comissioned last year during the animal crossing: new horizons peak to make an accompanying playlist. Good amount of reggae on here, alongside some funk, afrobeat, etc. anything that would sound dope on an island.

oh I also like millie small's cover of tom hark

The original is I guess proto-ska, it's closer to a ragtime beat.

Pretty wild all the versions of this - here's a pop rock version:

then of course it verges into the most boring territory possible:

For some reason youtube introduced me to dub via dub mixtapes. the original lofi beats to chill to! these are so relaxing, I usually put one of these on in the afternoon while working.