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I was looking up the callsign (if that's what you call it) of the radio station I listened to as a youth (KITS - LIVE 105, SF bay area), and did not find it - but what I did find was hours of recordings from the late 80s/early 90s, when elementary school me was listening to this stuff daily and making recordings of my own.

I have to say, this stuff was really quite good for the time - they emphasized new music, which is of course not at all what radio is about anymore. And I always hated steve masters' stupid surfer voice but he had good taste! anyway, check some of it out, it's pretty good for working to:

you can find plenty more if you're interested. there's tons of music you won't have heard of in here. It's a cool experience I think! and since it's youtube you can skip the commercials (or listen to them if you like that sort of thing)

Anybody got anything similar to share? I reckon regional radio enthusiasts have put up a lot of things from our respective childhoods when specific stations aired different kinds of music, etc.

Yes cool topic. 107.5 WGCI Chicago has a longstanding practice of playing DJ sets dating back to at least the mid 1970s.

Didn't listen to this as a kid of course, but I do have fond WGCI childhood memories of Steve Harvey giving out really bad relationship and financial advice to callers on his morning show

Where I grew up (Maryland) the radio DJ that I, for whatever reason remember, is a guy named Weasel with a weird squeaky voice. Each show he‘d play songs of various genres tenuously connected by some theme that he didn’t announce until a good ways in. I remember the themes sometimes being really subtle and esoteric. Trying to guess them was basically the musical equivalent of that theme sale segment of the Insert Credit Show that Jaffe likes to do.

Anyways, he still exists! Seeing this thread last week inspired me to look him up, and I am listening to his show live as I type this. In case you're reading this right after I post it (you have until 10 EDT/7 PDT) and are curious, the radio station that he's at now is WTMD:

It seems he is playing songs about water pollution right now?

Edit: it was the general idea of filth

My pics aren‘t exactly that interesting. Every town has a classic rock station (or two) and these are the ones I grew up on. They’re both still around.

[Rock 95]( out of Barrie, Ontario and [Q107]( from Toronto.

Here's an interesting TV ad for the station featuring wrestler[ Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon]( & [Father Guido Sarducci]( !!

@hellomrkearns#7664 Duuuuude you keep nostalgia-blasting me with this stuff.

I spent a while searching for 102.1 The Edge and Q107 (or heck, even CHUM FM) stuff on YouTube for the purposes of this thread, but I couldn't come up with much. I sure do miss old terrestrial radio, though.

@whatsarobot#7701 nice! there are a few other Q107 commercials on YouTube. I guess big city stations could afford to do TV advertisements!

The Edge would have been my other station. I didn't realise they went off the air a few years back, but have since come back?

Perhaps we need to start another thread about regional TV. Could do one on Moses Znaimer and the CHUM-City empire alone.

@hellomrkearns#7712 Whoa I didn't know the Edge came back. And I was sorely tempted to post a clip of Speakers Corner on here the other day, so maybe that regional TV thread is just what we need.

I listened to Live 105 a loooooot from like 2003-2005. I tuned into Loveline every single night and sometimes the electronic show they had on Saturday nights while I read or played games. That station really did inform so much of my musical taste for that period of time. That was like the tail end of CDs for me before getting more into the Kazaa/Limewire/blog sharing and MP3 player era.

I distinctly remember someone calling into Loveline claiming to be sexually attracted to Sonic The Hedgehog, and Dr. Drew and Adam corollo hung up on them because they thought it was clearly a prank.

@yeso#7380 finally listening to this chicago house mix. this is excellent. radio used to be good sometimes.

BTW I made a playlist of all the live 105 stuff. It really calms my dog down for some reason. he loves “the rock of the 90s” which is actually just goth stuff and gay club hits!?!? Maybe it will also calm your dog.

still listening to vintage CHGO house mixes on 107.5 and 102.7, thought I’d share another bc it has some brighter synths that might appeal to vg music fans

Also has occasional commentary from Rodney dangerfield

while I’m at it here’s a few more in case anyone needs NYE music. Maybe jump around the living room and alarm your pets and or children

Driving home late from work, I had missed the news segment of NPR and they had moved on to some maudlin book review about NPR voice: the grief we allow ourselves, etc…(I'm sorry but I do think the NPR audience is a little turned on by grief/that sort of thing, they really dwell on it a lot!)

So I'm scrolling the stations, lamenting the state of radio, as it seems that every rock/alternative/pop station is playing the same 5 songs on repeat. It feels like literally every station is just playing _In the Air Tonight_ at the same time.

I settle on a classical music station playing some fair to middling symphony or other, it's fine, doesn't offend me.
When the song ends, the DJ says:


I was shocked! Turns out it's a relatively new independently run station. 95.3 KTQA. Pixel power hour is at 5pm.

Which means that fair to middling non-memorable symphony was actually some videogame OST I didn't recognize lol