Regional Television

@“hellomrkearns”#p134522 I literally saw this same thumbnail as I was scrolling through this thread for the first time, lols

Time to bring some Australia up in this thread, let's see what my brain farts off:

We could just post clips from Aggro's Cartoon Connection and horrify everyone

(and ourselves)

@“rejj”#p134538 I‘d love to see everyone’s regional cartoon hosts.

@“rejj”#p134538 Only one “g” :wink:

For anyone who is curious about a random Australian gaming TV show from the early 90's, there are a number of episodes uploaded here:

Important to note, that the show was aired in a 'G' timeslot (Sat. mornings) so could not show any violent video game footage. Anything related to Mortal Kombat or Doom had to be re-enacted :/

Necro'ing this thread to share Bowling for Dollars. This one is out of (I think) Rochester, NY, but the format was apparently done in multiple regions (not mine) according to Wikipedia.

Each of the bowlers is a local. Some of the interviews are as awkward as any conversation with any person could ever be. They also have a lot of range in their bowling ability. My guess is that they put the bowlers in order based on average, lowest first. They're all recreational league bowlers too - none of them throw a hook except the defending champion.

@“TaliesinMerlin”#p158369 I remember this show well, although probably from the late 70‘s to very early 80’s, from the Baltimore area! I used to watch it with my grandmother, who as far as I know didn't otherwise care about bowling in any way!

Some New Zealand kids tv host action

Goofy stuff update: so there was a tech show that aired here in the late 90s called Dotto’s Data Cafe. I thought for sure I’d be able to find an episode on Zip discs, but I found this instead. The theme song has never left me.


These Norton Furniture commercials used to air late at night in Cleveland when I was growing up in the 90s.

Edit: One more! This was the opening for the Big Chuck and Little John Show. They did hokey sketches and hosted in between screening movies. The intro was pretty great for public access.


Sure Syracuse is where I made my way into adulthood during University. But what do I remember… local ambulance chaser Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro

Kind of the other side of the Saul Goodman coin. He cannot hand you the severed heads of those who hurt you. But he can squeeze them for all their worth.

Also he apparently lived in Florida and never tried a case.

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