request an older threads formatting to be corrected

It’s basically the difference in how the two platforms stored posts. It can be fixed with custom scripts it’s just a time constraint thing. There are almost 200,000 posts.

I need to find the time to write a script that goes through each post and pattern matches all the inconsistencies and applies the fix. You’d need to do that for every pattern of broken posts (images, links, titles, etc). So while it’s not a huge amount of work, it is a lot of time in terms of testing and I don’t have the time right now to spend on something like this. So I think it’s best to be honest with everyone and say right now it’s not gonna be fixed.

The context of most posts is still in tact which is the most important thing to me as a reader. And so the most straight forward thing right now is giving you all the opportunity to edit threads you’re motivated to fix if they are actively being posted in. The rest of the threads I think are fine to leave until someone has the time to write those scripts to convert the post formatting.