Reviving online content and functionality

I’ve been super enjoying playing Ninokuni on my 3DS (which is obscenely cheap in Japan, CIB for ¥550), and have realized that there is some postgame quest stuff and extra alchemy recipes you can download via the wfc. Of course those servers are toast, but the content appears to just be unlocked via connecting, not actually downloaded content. I’ve been exploring a little about mechanisms people have set up for addressing these issues.

Has anyone here ventured into the waters of either:

  • - save file editing to flip flags for DS wfc content
  • - doing wfc server emulation (the project [here]( with [maybe no active hosts]( anymore - at least by the looks of the dead discord links)
  • Or if anyone has a ninokuni save file with the content downloaded, that would be swell (available sources appear dead)

    To make this also a discussion, and for those who don’t have a tip for me, what other dead online services are you aware of projects to sustain? May be informative for all of us!

    The saves in this GBATemp post downloaded for me:

    @“gsk”#p81974 slick thanks, pardon the “lmgtfy”. That point in that thread hadn’t come up for me in my searches, rather just other projects with long gone Dropbox links.

    I also found out about this [Kaeru]( server, which looks to be a pretty full featured wfc server with minimal setup that may be nice for others to check out. I’ve just gotta set my home wifi security to a type that the base ds software can handle. I’ll see if they have the required stuff for this game (seems hopeful).

    I’m sure many people are aware of the Xbox live scene recently getting some milestones in usability.

    Can you do anything wild with a ps2 or Dreamcast online these days?

    Strides are constantly being made with Dreamcast—there‘s a tunnelling service available via a specially-configured Raspberri Pi setup, complete with a site called Dreamcast Now that’ll show you who else is online and what they‘re playing, and the list of compatible games is quite large: Recently, they’ve made breakthroughs with additional broadband compatibility, reverse-engineering the KDDI servers used by Capcom's “matching service” games, etc.

    There was a recent breakthrough with Saturn online play, too, and those devs hope to integrate their tunnelling suite into DreamPi at some point as well:

    While this might be a bit on the technical side, the resurrection of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for Wii was really well documented. Fascinating read: