RGG Summit Summer 2023


any of my yakuza kyodais out here watching this tonight? so hyped!


we could also just post cool yakuza stuff in here while we wait

the cops can't stop us



those of you up at decent hours need to know: the audio mixing was a goddamn mess, straight chaos


agent style for kazzy-chan features some kind of webslinging and exploring cigars, sources say


gentrification in dotonobori getting out of hand, prolly getting a target soon

joked aside, getting yokohama here is really cool too

so man who erased his name is definitely taking place between 6 and 7 (summer 2018?), likely finally showing what caused the families to fall apart

mind you, we did have 6+ games of showing how the tojo falls the fuck apart whenever kiryu leaves town, but id still like to see the details



so the actors are all talking and it's neat
but apparently 2 of them were in this show Nihon Touitsu Hokkaidohen which looks cool but has no english option currently, which is a bummer

am i allowed to post like this? is this spamming? it doesn't feel like spamming but i will take accountability for my actions

epilogue: for 8, we got a cool scene of ichiban & kazzy talking about heartbreak, which was fun and i want a lot more of that (kazzy has had seggs CONFIRMED)

no gameplay though, not really sure if its gonna be 50/50 with them or if kiryu will call himself plisken and kinda hang in the cut, we'll apparently know more for the fall summit!

(also since this looks like hawaii which they wouldn't confirm but smart money is on it being wahaii or something anyway does anyone else think sayama from part 2 could come back? it's high time man)


@“IrishNinja”#p120304 am i allowed to post like this?

keep it coming imo