Ridgin'l Measures

So, okay; in hopes of eliciting far more interesting responses, I shall blaze the way with some game-related music of my own personal device. These are both from a game in production since… maybe 2014, with no end in sight. They're written in AdLib Visual Composer, the tool Dan Froelich used to write all that early Epic Megagames music (Jill of the Jungle; Solar Winds; Brix), which I discovered a few years ago and so then obsessed over for what the kids may call a hot minute.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/K3mj0yf.gif]


If you feel like playing with Soundblaster/Yamaha FM synthesis, you can find the program [here](https://archive.org/details/AdLibVisualComposerV1.51).

you've definitely got that grit in there!

so I was just talking to that demolition man composer, who said: “The publishing producer brought other folks on to change many of the timbres of the Genesis version because he thought it sounded too “tinny”. I still miss the edgier guitar-like sounds and squealing feedback of my unreleased version (although some of that transferred in the CD version). The Z80 FM has no filter, so if you want grit (and I did), it’s going to be bright.”

sounds like you might be in similar boats!!

Oh gosh, that’s not even the final version of the first one, up there. The one I have on my hard drive, I changed some of the levels, layered some more stuff, and made it even more dissonant in the chorus. There’s maybe 15-20% more grit than you know!

Not gonna edit that post, as an example of what I was talking about in the bugs thread. Looks like I don't even need to directly address someone? Just typing in the reply box also inserts those spaces.

Holy cow, I have a lot of nostalgia for those early Epic shareware games like JotJ and Xargon. I didn't know there was a tool to make music in that style!