Ring Fit Adventure and "exercise game softs"

Well I bought Ring Fit Adventure lol. Haven‘t tried it yet, but I just got the alert that it’s been delivered to my house.

Before March of 2020, I was a regular gym-going guy! I'm not super into cardio, but I like getting in a bit of the ol' exercise, lifting up and putting down somewhat heavy objects, etc.

_After_ March of 2020, going to the gym started to seem like a real bad idea. So I started running. But after a few weeks of that, my ankles and feet were like, "slow down old man." So now I go for long walks (10,000 steps every day for 165 days straight and counting!) and do pushups and _that's it_. I have a kettle bell, too. But it's fallen out of daily rotation and it's a bit boring to use if I'm being honest. Anyway, that doesn't feel like enough to be "healthy" (whatever that means).

So I bought Ring Fit Adventure (again, lol). I don't know, though! People online say it's actually a good workout, so I'm looking forward to at least giving it an honest try!

I've never tried one of these "exercise games," but I know people do have fun and break a sweat with them. So, two things:

1) If you've tried Ring Fit Adventure and gotten good at it, please give me, a noob, some tips! If you didn't like it, why not?

2) If you've tried any other good or fun "exercise games," or have had any weird experiences with them, let's talk about those too!

Ring Fit Adventure is excellent…there really aren‘t enough superlatives to express how well-designed this is, not just as a fitness product but as an honest-to-goodness video game. There’s some actual strategy involved in the turn-based battles (including the prep work of choosing your move set and crafting buffs/heals) and the world traversal gives me Crash Bandicoot vibes, but with real physical engagement. The characters and fun little story are charming and the whole package just bursts with joy and quality. This is the only fitness game I think I‘ve really ever played, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference, but it must be one of the best ever made.

The game guides you through pretty well, so I don't have a ton of tips in that regard. I would say definitely don't skip out on the recommended stretching sessions. A little prompt will pop up during a session suggesting a reasonable stopping point--I find that these usually feel just about right, though I might have one more level or minigame in me. It's surprising how intense of a workout a session might be, especially after a protracted boss battle.

In terms of play space, I recommend either using a yoga mat (weighted down with something on the edges so it doesn't shift when you are jogging in place) or some indoor sneakers. There is a _lot_ of jogging in place, so you definitely want some cushioning. I tend to go barefoot or with socks and and a nice thick mat, though I do keep around a pair of sneakers I've never worn outside for indoor fitness stuff. I've played this game in 2-3 week long bursts when my usual fitness routines have been on hold (usually pandemic-related). I haven't finished it yet, but I should really get back to it now that you have me thinking about it.

Other than that, just feel it out as you go! The game really lets you tailor the challenge and intensity pretty well. This happens both explicitly (it prompts you to increase or lower the intensity setting once in a while) and as part of the design (sometimes you might make a conscious choice to select more challenging move sets or to forego buffs, for example).

Oh, also, there are some legitimately clever mini-games! For example, one has you shaping pottery based on your vertical height and how much you are squeezing the ring--not sure if this description makes sense, but its intuitive and kind of hilarious in practice. I actually _really really_ hope that Nintendo develops a WarioWare game based around the Ring-con...it seems like a perfect match.

Enjoy it, let us know what you think!

I also tried Ring Fit for about three months last year. It started great, but I ended up falling off. I found that picking up some weights or jumping on an exercise bike was measurably more effective. Sadly this did mean 100% fewer comments on how beautiful my sweat was.

It's possible to work up a real sweat, but I simultaneously thought it wasn't engaging enough as a workout routine or as an RPG.
That said, you'll get out what you put in. Work your way through a couple of stages each day, after accurately setting the intensity, and you'll see/feel the results.

Overall, fun game. I think I was a tad too lazy to dig in, but reading about you grabbing it is enough to have me considering picking up the Ring-Con again! Hope you have fun!

I was really getting into collecting all the hats in Wii Fit U until I lost my pedometer thing for the second time.

Also the soccer heading game from the original Wii Fit is a classic IMO.

Huge barrier for entry here, but I found Beat Saber (in VR) to be a fantastic cardio experience. I wear an Apple Watch, and when I first started playing it last year, my watch kept asking me if I was running while playing. I started tracking my sessions, and I was burning between 250-400 calories while playing for 45mins to 1 hour. Granted I don't know how accurate all that stuff is, but after a session, my clothes were soaked in sweat and I usually had to take a shower. I am playing songs on Expert/Expert+ most of the time. I think because of the music, I just keep going back. I have almost 40 hours logged in the game since last May…

I think I’ve mentioned this on the forum before, but wii-sports has become a useful tool in physical therapy and rehabilitation. I think there’s a good article to be written on the subject. Just searching around now and mostly seeing scholarly\medical writing. A more colorful human interest time of approach would make for an interesting piece I think.

I haven’t seen ring for adventures be used the same way. Is it significantly more complicated on the gamer end of things than wii sports and wii fit?

@fetus8#27504 the Apple Watch is very accurate in my experience. I have band that goes around my chest that I use when working out and those metrics are always similar to the info the watch gives.

I tried Ring Fit Adventure for a couple weeks and I also fell off. For me the issue is:

  1. hate almost all exercise
  2. this feels like exercise still, and I am not distracted or able to pretend like it's anything other than that.

So I have just been doing pullups and pushups and exercise bike (uhhhh or I was, I kind of fell off that two months ago as well lol. gotta get back to it). For me an exercise bike plus a vhs tape is more distracting and mentally easier to get through than thinking about whether thumping around with Ring Fit is going to be heard by neighbors I share a wall with, etc.

The only exercise I have EVER enjoyed is climbing, specifically bouldering. In my mind it's a better designed video game, as well. You've got a wall with a bunch of routes on it that you have to puzzle out how to "solve" on your own or by asking people around you, or by watching other people try it and comparing notes. The routes are generally numbered, so while you'll always warm up with a basic route, when you're able to finally climb a level 4 after months of that being unattainable it's like wow... my body literally leveled up.

It also builds muscles in a way that you can actually really tell directly. When I was going regularly my friends would always do this top rope thing after, where you climb a hanging rope (it's just a regular ole rope hanging from the ceiling) and get to a piece of red tape at the top, then climb back down. It's all upper body unless you really want to shimmy up with your legs, but that doesn't work so well.

My first time climbing I could only get one hand over another twice before I fell off the thing. After like a month I was climbing up to the top with effort. After two months I was just zipping up and down that thing.

But of course I sure can't be climbing during any sort of pandemic!! One of my friends is going back to it after vaccination but I think I need a liiiittle more time and info before I start going to any gyms or places where people are expelling their moisture everywhere.

So yeah climbing is my favorite exercise game but also it's not something you can do in your house so I forfeit :3

@yeso#27516 I’m not very familiar with how complex wii fit is mechanics-wise, but I do not think that Ring Fit Adventure would lend itself quite as well to PT and rehab. The game itself is involved and complex enough that it demands the user have (or develop) a passing familiarity with turn-based RPG style strategy. Perhaps the hardware could be paired with some custom, homegrown software, but the actual exercise ring is not really interesting enough to warrant the effort.

I like Ring Fit a lot but it‘s tough to stay consistent, and space is a bit of an issue at my house. But I do think it’s very well-made and can certainly give a hell of a work out. Doing a million slow squats and bunch of harsh planks then squeezing the ring a ton of times while high-stepping is satisfying but also really hard lol. The game is a bit on the cutesy side but I'm not sure what a better alternative might be… too self-serious of an RPG experience would probably be goofy. Hmm.

I second @exodus re: exercise bike. Recently have been getting up early, playing CrossCode and getting a good 45 mins in on the bike while doing quests and what not, then doing some light exercises with 10lb dumbbells. Yesterday and today I did it while playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit remaster, and it basically automatically made me sprint the whole time haha.

Summed up - I think exercising using games as partial motivation rules, especially right now during covid.

The cutesiness is a good point I‘d forgotten about - the game feels like it’s for kids in its pacing, narrative text, and complexity, but is clearly targeted at adults in terms of exercise, which leaves the game aspect of it in a weird no-person's zone in my estimation.

@exodus#27569 Yeah, I definitely see where you are coming from…I think it's totally fine though as a breezy, unobtrusive framing for the whole thing. No one is going to be playing this for the story or the setting, but I like the positive vibes and its cute and fun without ever sliding into cloying or eye-rolling territory.

Besides, as you said, it still feels like exercise, so I am not really in a headspace to tackle anything too mentally taxing. I'm really impressed with anyone who has managed to focus on playing a game while on a bike or elliptical or whatever...the most I can muster is maybe a podcast while jogging or some lite YouTube on my iPad while I'm on the treadmill.

Yeah, I‘m sure that’s how they were going at it and I do think it works for people, in fact I saw a lot of folks saying so on Twitter etc. So once again I've used “this is for nobody” when I really mean “this is not for me” lol. Got to learn to curb that!

Oh and I meant to say, the game IS a good workout, rather impressively so. If you can stick with it I think it's a great motivational tool as well.

@kory#27563 yeah I looked at some gameplay footage and it seems a bit too structurally complex to fit in a 30 minute PT session. Nintendo could design fantastic therapy-dedicated software if they're ever inclined to give it a try. The insane world of healthcare contracts and billing could open an entire new world of revenue for them

lots of people in need of a pulse ox this past year….

My big exercise game is Dance Dance Revolution!

Pre-pandemic I would go to my local Round 1 multiple times a week and work up an intense sweat playing songs. I've never been tournament good and kind of dislike that the entire community seems dedicated to being THE BEST, but I do love the game!

I own a fancy pad (Cobalt Flux) but don't play at home because I have a downstairs neighbor. Last week marked two weeks since my second Covd vaccine dose and I went to Round 1 for the first time and was instantly exhausted. I'm taking a few days off of work so I can try to get back into it but I know I have a long road before me. Gotta get in shape while listening to fun music!

@Nemoide#27608 Heck yeah, top-level DDR is a sight to behold. Back before it closed down, my friend and I used to go over to the Kowloon Warehouse arcade in Kawasaki and just watch people go wild on the various machines there. Truly impressive stuff.

So I spent about half an hour with Ring Fit Adventure last night, and that thing ain't no joke! I set it to difficulty level 20 (I have no context yet for what that means, but based on my age and desired intensity level, that's what the game told me to do), and I was sweating and feeling post-exercise elation by the end of it! I'm quite impressed.

I like the tone, overall. It's got that Nintendo polish and almost-whimsy that I'll always welcome.

All that remains to be seen now is whether or not I'll continue with it. I'm pretty good at sticking to routines, so I can see this becoming a regular part of my life. Whether it'll be daily, thrice weekly, or what, I don't know yet.

And as for exercise bikes, yeah, I agree that they are great. Back when I was going to the gym, I always brought my Switch with me, to play for a half hour or so while I pedaled. That, to me, has always been one of the best things about the joycons – you can keep playing whatever you're doing with your arms! I'd love to get an exercise bike for my home, but, lol, Japan apartment space. I can barely make room for Ring Fit, but at least with that, when I'm finished with a session, there's nothing left taking up space in the room.

At the extremely young age of [redacted] i already feel like my body is dying and constantly hurting from not doing any physical activity or exercise for the last decade or so.

I would love to bike to work specially since most days google maps approximates the same commute time by car and bike but biking here is extremely scary... so I've been thinking about getting into either ring fit or DDR. Im afraid of DDR because it feels like there's a never ending quest for finding the right pad. and that seems expensive.
As for Ring Fit i think I'm gonna buy either a third party ring con or a used one to try it. >!(hacked switch hehe)!<
I kinda don't want to spend more money cause I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to stick with it.

I asked my mom if she still had her Wii Fit balance board since that may had been a good start but apparently she gave it to my aunt a long time ago.

I hate indoors exercising so much that at this point my only hope is for gamification to trick my brain

I LOVE these types of games! Thanks for the bump! I try to play at least the demos for all of these because I too am enamored with the idea of gamifying working out. As with all of these, you get what you put in, so even if you can kinda cheat the game, remember you‘re not cheating the game you’re cheating yourself.

**DDR** is the classic, can't go wrong with it. You can also use dance pads with **Crypt of the Necrodancer** and **Step Mania** on PC! **Just Dance** is really the same thing but uses your arms too.

**Ring Fit Adventure** is one of my favorite games of all time (spoilers for this year's sight and sound poll) and definitely the best fitness game out there. The gamification is quite good and I think it offers the most variety of any of any fitness game out there. There's even an offline mode and rhythm minigame. The main quest is like 30-40 hours, and I'm still in New Game + mode after 65 hours with it. One note -- I think it gave my joy con stick drift. I pride myself with being very gentle with my joycons and still use the ones that came with my controller 6 years ago but I think from shaking the ring it developed it. If you have broken joycons its the perfect game to use it with, but it could ruin ones that are perfectly fine.

As far as games with demos... A new one came out recently, **Fitness Circuit**! It's neat, I think it has some good new ideas and works out some body parts that Ring Fit doesn't. It gamifies things in a pretty good way. One note, I think it's pretty easy to cheat and sometimes doing the moves correctly doesn't register, but they really shot for the fences with it so I appreciate it. I haven't bought it, but I have been thinking about doing so since I played the demo.

Next is **Fitness Boxing, Fitness Boxing 2, and Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star** edition. It's good, but there's pretty limited amount of movement with it. It can really only tell if you're doing jabs, uppercuts, and hooks and to be honest, you can cheese it pretty easily. But if you take it seriously, 16-23 minutes a day while listening to podcasts or music of your choosing, you can burn a few extra calories. I felt like the '10 minutes a day' mode was not enough, and 30 minutes a day was a little too repetitive. Your body will get used to the movements quickly, so might want to change it up if you feel like you aren't breaking a sweat. Also, all 3 games are the same.

**Knockout Home Fitness** and **Lets Get Fit** are kind of mediocre compared to the above. Probably better than a lot of older games but doesn't really stack up. With **Yoga Master Deluxe, Zumba,** etc, I feel like you might as well just watch a fitness video rather than play a game. And on that note - there are a lot of really good free videos for yoga, pilates, circuit workouts, etc. that are fun, and you can play video games in between sets.

I also integrate the exercise bike into my gaming. For example recently I've been playing Final Fantasy V while on the bike, and it's great for those mindless grinding through an RPG. Just don't go overboard, when I played Tales of Arise a few years ago, I think the flashing lights combined with my high pulse rate, I started seeing spots haha.


@“Tradegood”#p120831 There’s even an offline mode

is the online a big part of it? i was planning on getting it via [redacted] so it will be all offline for me