Rings of Power - Sega Genesis (1992)


anyone remember this early naughty dog game?

I recall excitedly looking thru the manual as my older brother tried to make progress in this isometric clunky mess.

Rings of Power is has a lot of cool stuff going on like you can pick a fight any npc skyrim style.

I wanted this game to be so much better.

The game had a built-in cheat that would show a topless woman (instead of a clothed one) during the Naughty Dog intro. That actually caused the game to be removed from some shops' shelves, because there were no warnings on the game box about nudity.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/fk7p8as.jpeg]

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/gNMkVWl.jpeg]

I believe later naughty dog put a naked dog with human breasts hidden in another game. they were really committed to this somehow.

I never played rings of power because it looked like a mess, and... it still looks like a mess to me! And the sound is worse than I remember. but I never would've known you could pick a fight with any NPC if you hadn't told me, so that's interesting! it feels like one of those "this was supposed to be on PC"-style genesis games to me.

really is a beautiful mess of a game and I haven‘t done it justice here at all so let me try to sell it’s good points.

Rings of Power has the depth of a PC Rpg but its on the sega genesis
open world.
food and water system.
day night cycle.
Fight or Bribe any NPC.
incredibly hard random encounters that will one shot you.
the music varies from unbearably grating to unbelievably catchy. (one song lives in my head 25 yrs later)
battles are set to automatic by default, can change this in the options , adds to overall sense of helplessness w/ controls
you can rent a ship to sail across the world
fly on a wyvern or ride on the back of a lizard.
**spell animations & character classes are uniquely weird and cool:**


bad parts are the last of understanding where to go next and the controls. oh boy the controls.
on top of the isometric controls being so confusing that they had to display it on screen 100% of the time, there is a input buffer. so you press a button get zero feedback so you press more buttons but then the original input is registered and it becomes a laggy mess.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/1FTJYPD.jpeg]

this is just one random bandit encounter NPC that if you dont pay 50 gold they will fight you

here is some 4th wall breaking dialog you get when you pay the troll toll and keep talking to them.

pretty wild looking mess indeed! I feel like this is one of those games you had to be 12 years old with no other games available in order to really get into and appreciate. I can certainly see some appeal to it but I also don‘t think I could play it in 2021 myself! one of those games I’d rather hear somebody else talk about I think.