Save the Arcade!

Death by Audio Arcade @ Wonderville, the best arcade in New York, is hosting a fundraiser tomorrow to cover covid related costs. There's going to be live music, interviews with Killer Queen dev Bumblebear and a showcase of their awesome motorcycle game Black Emperor, score runs, speed runs, and an auction featuring all sorts of cool stuff like arcade cabinets and workshops and the game/art installation Line Wobbler.

They do a lot of cool stuff for those outside NYC as well, like a Minecraft server, [a game dev web show](, live music on twitch, and streaming films curated by @fortninety

It's a wonderful place and if you want to be able to go there when you can safely travel again, they're going to need some help!

I'll make some tweets about this tomorrow then!!

Fundraiser live now!

well, I bought the gin for my buddy in the auction is what I did.

I almost won the chiptunes auction but I got outbid by $22 at the last second! for the best really, I'm not made of dollars, and also good that more money goes to them

Looks like the auction was a success!!