Seasonal games

@robinhoodie#8867 Hey thanks!!


@JoJoestar#8856 Horror wraps around you

the latest episode of Important Cinema Club (the official insert credit choice for best film podcast) had similar remarks regarding Kiyoshi Kurosawa (the topic of that episode)

And apologies for going off topic but take a look at the author Robert Aickman if you get half a chance for alike "immersive atmosphere" effect

@yeso#8887 The thread has gone very off rails for a good while now so please don't apologize, personally the topics and different threads are just excuses to have meaningful and interesting interactions so I value those more than “respecting the rules”.

And also I have liked everything you have recommended me so far, you have very good taste so thank you! And the Scroll special on the Natsuyasumi games was great.