Secret Best 3DS Games

@“ivalice”#p36583 I was going to suggest fantasy life! I only got a 3ds recently but the project x zone games look fun. Also there’s a fan translation of dragon quest monsters joker 3 that i can’t wait to try. Downloaded tales of the abyss to play the other night as well

Crimson Shroud Gang

@“treefroggy”#p39799 Oh I completely forgot this game existed, was at some point aware of it. Have never checked it out, but looks promising. I'll put it on my list.

@“MDS-02”#p39800 It‘s the only 3DS game that never let me down. Delivered on all its promises. Came out early when there was still experimentation to be had, and 3D hadn’t been dropped.

Was anyone else really ticked off when half way through the 3DS' life, the general gamergeist was saying "I never use the 3D, I don't care about it" and then games kind of stopped utilizing it to the fullest?

Anyone else recall the person who had an eye problem their entire life, unable to have depth perception, ever, only to see depth for the first time with the 3DS' technology, bringing tears to their eyes with the utter beauty of depth perception?

@“treefroggy”#p39809 yes to the first question, at least. to this day, whenever i pull out my 3DS, i‘ll always slide the 3D slider up for a bit, just to see what any given game looks like with that feature, and sometimes, there just… isn’t any 3D. and that's never not disappointing.

I played more Outrun on 3DS than any other console, 3D cranked. Then I finally got my Saturn set up this year, and I‘ll probably never pick up the 3DS version again. The 3D interpretations of 2D classics were great and they should have done more. Sonic was good in 3D, Kid Icarus and Kirby’s Adventure was worth a playthrough apiece.

The 3D on Mario 3D Land was so good it gave the game an extra gear that it wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s good but the visual presentation made it truly great imo.

SMTIV’s UI really pooped with the 3D too. Just love it to bits.

@“treefroggy”#p39809 Waitaminute this game is only 8 bux, good lord! And it‘s directed by the FF12 director? Boxes all checked. (Though I’ve been buying tooooo many games recently)


Outrun on 3DS

As my dog is getting older he is developing some grumpy old man habits and as of the last year and a half he won't eat unless me or someone else is sitting right beside him while he eats, and he is a slow eater too, he takes like 20-25 minutes to finish his food. So for the last like 7 months I've been playing Outrun on my 3ds almost everyday sitting beside him while he eats. It gives me time to play like 4 runs of Outrun a day!

Sometimes I switch it up and play [Woah Dave!]( instead though, It is also pretty good on the 3ds!


@“treefroggy”#p39809 Was anyone else really ticked off when half way through the 3DS’ life, the general gamergeist was saying “I never use the 3D, I don’t care about it” and then games kind of stopped utilizing it to the fullest?

Yes, but I can also accept that it wasn't merely a casualty of perceived disinterest—designing games to maximise that effect was not easy and the specs made it very difficult to maintain the level of performance required for the effect to really work. (My hope was that more older games would be patched for New 3DS but that almost never happened.)

No Virtual Boy Wario Land port was also a major upset.

@“Chris_v”#p37012 The PxZ games are unfortunately kinda… not amazing outside of having some cute fanservice for 00s kids. Whaling on HP sponge enemies in grid-based combat without all that much tactical depth gets old fast.

Not sure this qualifies as “secret” but much of Level-5’s _Guild_ series is worth a look, the highlights being Yasumi Matsuno’s _Crimson Shroud_ along with Grasshopper Manufacture’s _Liberation Maiden_ (a very silly, janky 3D mecha actioner with a strong “import game from the year 2000” vibe) and _Attack of the Friday Monsters!!_ (a super mellow adventure game by the _Boku no Natsuyasumi_ designer where you play a tokusatsu-loving elementary schooler in 1970s Japan). _Kokuga_ is another overlooked gem: a top-down shooter by _Ikaruga_’s G. Rev where instead of darting through a web of rapid-moving projectiles, your avatar is a tank that must move and aim its turret slowly and deliberately. _Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D_ is also a super fun, more than just “functional” expansion of _RE5_’s Mercenaries mode complete with local and online co-op.

The Ghost Recon game produced by one of the creators of X-COM is pretty good

@“copySave”#p39884 yes it is! didn't this one shoot up in price at one point because it could be used as a backdoor exploit for homebrew shenanigans?

@“whatsarobot”#p39887 Maybe??? Haven‘t researched it too much but did a quick search and didn’t find anything on it. Based on this guide you just use an SD card and depending on your FW you either exploit the Sound app or you have to brute force the encryption. Just checked eBay and used copies go for ~$10.

Back on topic I'll give some attention to Pilotwings Resort since it's the last one that was made. Good use of 3D and perfect bite size challenges. The Miis suck compared to the N64 cast but still enjoyable
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3DS was the console that had me accept the fact that games were no longer being made for me.

@“treefroggy”#p40004 wow this hit me unexpectedly hard. for me, 3DS was the last console where it felt like the games were really being made for me. since the 3DS faded into the sunset, i have been shuffling around with my head bowed, shoulders slumped and kicking at small rocks and weeds growing out of the sidewalk.


@“treefroggy”#p39809 Was anyone else really ticked off when half way through the 3DS’ life, the general gamergeist was saying “I never use the 3D, I don’t care about it” and then games kind of stopped utilizing it to the fullest?

I wouldn’t go as far as ticked off but I was indeed underwhelmed that it progressively became an afterthought, just as developers were in fact getting used to how they should handle stereoscopic 3D. Remember those first few months of third party 3DS releases? Some games were rough... Also the "New Nintendo 3DS" model revision had a cool trick with its improved camera to enhance the 3D aspect depending on your head’s distance to the console, but the model released precisely at the moment many developers stopped caring about 3D. It’s understandable but especially disappointing that Minecraft 3DS needed the extra power and could not showcase its world in 3D.

I still think it’s a good policy that developers were given the opportunity to forgo 3D if they felt they could benefit from the performance gain. Really highlights the difference in business (and game development) philosophy between Iwata’s modern Nintendo and Yamauchi’s old Nintendo, in my humble opinion.

One thing I often wonder about 3DS is how bizarre it is that the console was so perfectly designed for the specific niche genre of "dungeon crawling RPG", almost by accident. The system had to keep the second screen for retro-compatible purpose and, as a result, you had:

  • - The stereoscopic screen for the dungeon part
  • - The square, secondary touch-enabled screen for menus and mapping
  • - The portable nature of the console which lends itself to the genre as well
  • It would have made sense if Pokémon – or say Monster Hunter – was a dungeon crawler, i.e. the console was catering very specifically to one of the most important series for the hardware. But no!^ This configuration mainly benefited a random, almost dead genre.

    This was a golden era for Lancarse between Etrian Odyssey, Persona Q, Strange Journey Redux and also the under-appreciated Lost Heroes series, which certainly belong in this thread’s recommendations. Lost Heroes is basically Etrian Odyssey meets The Great Battle (so the SD Gundam × SD Ultraman × SD Kamen Rider all-star crossover), developed for Banpresto by Atlus’ lead support studio on their dungeon crawlers. Personally, it’s my favorite series in the large and eclectic family of The Great Battle video games.

    ^ Side note:
    [size=10]I think the only new mainstream game experience which was successfully designed around the very specific and retrospectively bizarre interface of the Nintendo 3DS is Yōkai Watch. Kinda makes sense that it exploded in popularity (at least in Japan) and became such a key title for the hardware. Besides the clever theme and inspired monster design, the entire game design was pretty much “_what if Pokémon had been invented on the Nintendo 3DS instead of the Game Boy? What would have been different?_” I think it’s a pretty clever approach to game design that not enough developers considered properly during the "oddball hardware" decade of Nintendo.[/size]


    Made for me: Link‘s Awakening remake, Mario Odyssey postgame

    Not made for me: Luigi’s Mansion 2/ 3 thanks to loss of quirky OST and Charles Martinet‘s new voice, luigi’s loss of expressiveness. Pokemon…. ACNL was enjoyed by me for over 600 hours but I did accept that it wasn‘t being made for me. Does that make sense? An animal crossing made for me has you forced to wear a cap with horns on it, you’re totally naked and in the woods and everybody is screaming at you. and the cop from Chulip jumps out from behind a tree and kills you.

    @"chazumaru"#146 Etrian Odysseys and Mystery Dungeons are top of my 3DS' play record for sure.
    Still though, for those games, especially the latter, I prefer 2D sprites over cheap-looking unexpressive 3D models--Mostly talking about Etrian Mystery Dungeon here.. EO IV/V had really well animated enemies and kept the 2D art for characters which was a very important move. 3DS could have been the best 2D console ever, if they made more 2D sprite based games with stereoscopic 3D. Every game could look like a magic eye poster. Instead it's a low resolution, low framrate 3D console that has mostly chunky and stiff characters. Another example of great 3D animation was Bravely Default, which was set to be GOAT, and I still did enjoy it, but there's a lot about it that I didn't enjoy... Bravely Default and Animal Crossing were the reasons I bought a 3DS. Similar to Switch, they baited me with must-plays.

    There's many great ideas happening on 3DS, I just felt like none of them were executed in a way that had me wanting to come back to play more. I spent more time basking in the glow of my customized home screen menu theme and organizing my game icons than I did playing games. Nothing seemed to have a story that gripped me. Everything just felt like it had to be kid friendly and approachable still. Ironically, the original DS had more experimental and weird stuff.

    Yokai Watch is a good example. As an adult, I can pick up something like Mega Man Battle Network and play it, enjoying the bad translation and kid-friendly mechanics. But Yokai Watch made me feel like, "well, I would have loved this as a kid, but, it's just not for me at this point"

    I'm not even trying to argue that 3DS is bad, just speaking my truth here. I spent a lot of time customizing my DS and I spent lots of money buying (and reselling) limited edition preorders of games I thought I would enjoy, but never did. Maybe someday I'll return to it and get a lot of enjoyment from my 3DS! **Like when I finally play _Bravely Second_.**

    I think it mainly has to do with my life situation, I was very depressed and going through a lot. Mother 3 and Contact were from the previous generation, but video games weren't going in that direction. As a kid, you imagine what video games will be like in the future, always getting bigger and better. It just didn't happen like that. I wanted portable Dark Souls on 3DS. Portable Smash Bros. was something I'd always wanted. I bought it when it came out and played a bunch.\
    I remember now that 3DS made me question if I was outgrowing games altogether, but reminded myself I still loved old games, so new ones just suck still. .. And Crimson Shroud made me happy... SO I decided games were just being made to someone else's taste.](https://)

    anybody here ever played Culdcept Revolt? that right there is a secret best 3DS game. (and it's on sale in the North American e-Shop for 83% off!)

    Culdcept is a long-running series, and strikes me as _extremely_ insert credit, though i don't think i've ever heard anyone around here talking about it. if you've never played it, picture a simple board game (Monopoly meets Itadaki Street) where spots on the board are occupied by cards. you build decks of cards, and the card-game element is as in-depth as Magic the Gathering, but it's only one element of the game. simple to play, endlessly strategic if you want to take it there.

    anyway, Revolt was designed as a 20th anniversary celebration of the series, but i guess it might end up being the last one?

    it also has Yuzo Koshiro music! and Kinu Nishimura character art! aesthetically, it's all over the place: beautiful 2D art, clunky Saturn-looking polygons overlaid on top, wild lo-fi English language vocal clips.

    i love it!