secret sequels

sequels hidden inside other games, usually disguised as ports:

probably the most well known example of this is donkey kong for the gameboy, but it isn‘t the only sequel hidden as a port.

dig dug (and numerous other games) got sequels in namco classic collection volumes 1 and 2 as ’arranged‘ modes, but even more obscure is the ’new dig dug‘ mode in namco gallery volume 2.

another namco game (also featured in the namco classic collection series), mappy's game gear port features a sequel-like mode as well, where i think you start off in the jail? (a youtube upload translated this as the ’time travel mouse‘ mode)

(’sequel' might not be the right word, as these are more quasi-sequels, but the alliteration in the title of this thread was to alluring!)

a Yosaku sequel, hidden in KOF Battle de paradise and only playable when you put it into a B&W Neo geo pocket.

The Japanese version of Yakuza 0 included a companion app for Vita that let you remotely manage the cabaret club or whatever, and it featured a few exclusive unlockable minigames including a “16-bit” sequel to a faux-PC6001 game for PC called Tokkou Kuubo BELUGA, which was created Tetsu Matsushima, a renowned programmer from the micom days. It has absolutely nothing to do with Yakuza or Sega and is just something that got thrown in at the indulgence of the director, and it‘s a shame it didn’t make it to the overseas release. (That particular version of Beluga was later released on PC, so it's not in any way tied to the fate of the Vita.)


The vita Yakuza companion apps are absolutely nuts. They‘re easy to overlook but they’re very substantial yakuza experiences imo. You get the fighting (yes, the entire fighting system!) and the gambling minigames. They're worth a download if you have a vita and can navigate Japanese menus. Finding out that they were more than the usual “companion app” fare was very much a “wait, what the hell?” moment.

@“donrumata”#p48629 Oh yeah, I completely forgot they put the underground in there too, huh. I think there‘s even a Monkey Ball in one of ’em? My interest began and ended at Beluga.

@“NoJoTo”#p48594 Wow, I have to try these!