Self Indulgent Year End Capstone/Record Keeping Projects?

Just wondering if anyone on this forum does anything to sort of keep track of a particular subject of interest for yourself and then compile that information into a year-end capstone project.

I really enjoy music so every year I take note of all the songs I enjoy and then edit that down into a 90-minute playlist I make custom cover art for and save the files for in multiple different formats. 9th year doing that, but I always wonder if anyone else does something similar.

Sure, Spotify wrapped and whatnot is a thing, but I don't think stats are necessarily a proper indication of what a particular thing may mean to you.

What do you all do to remember your previous year of stuff?

EDIT: [I was asked so here is a quick tumblr post showing all the year end lists and their coverart. 2019 and 2021 were commissioned artwork pieces.](

That sounds like a fun idea!

I have never done anything like this before. Only some casual written end of year self reflection. (What did I do? How did it go? What did I like about the year? What do I want to change in the next?) But never as some kind of creative project and defintiely not in a way that encourages picking the result up and looking at it again at a later point in time.

A couple of days back I did think about making a list of games/other media I finished during the year and then write down my thoughts about them. (inspired by the GOTY thread) I didn't play (and definitely didn't finish) many games this year but that might just lower the barrier of entry for trying this, haha

as of today I've done 34,200 push ups this year

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@“FishHead”#p143425 Very cool! I do like the idea of a self reflection bit. I actually toyed with that idea for my personal project one year, where I wrote a blog post for my future self. I scrapped that idea, but I probably should have added that to the project’s repertoire.

I don’t think you have to play a lot of games or something to get a good project out of it. I think as long as you’re religious about the format of it and the storage/backup of it - picking it back up later is easy. It’s always good to know where it’s gonna be when nostalgia is calling.

@"yeso"#p143427 DAMN!! Do you use an excel sheet to track that?

@XyraxAlaria you should share the playlist!

this year was the first year in a long time i made an effort to actively document the books i've read. i started to do it for movies, too, but it turns out i don't watch that many. i want to find something else to document the music i listen to, since the spotify wrapped is a little anticlimactic and depressing (i want to get off spotify altogether tbh).

i thought it would be cool to come up with alternative "top ten" lists, like ten best meals cooked, ten best beers drank, ten best wild birds i saw, etc. i just have such a spotty memory for things like that.

also yeso is becoming saitama

@“Xyrax”#p143429 no I do 100 pushups every morning

@“MoH”#p143432 I‘ll figure out a good way to share all of the albums and I’d be happy to post them.

There's a bunch of music on a lot of them that isn't available on spotify so I might host the song lists somewhere or use youtube lists or something. Not sure!

Top ten best meals.... now that's something I should keep track of! Take a photo of every meal and have a little document where you could jot some notes down and then review it at the end of the year. that would be sick!

@“MoH”#p143432 Added a link to a tumblr post showing the playlists to the OP

My Strava stats:

| | | |:--- |:--- || | || | || | |
Distance2,460.7 mi
Elev Gain162,982 ft
Time165h 30m

That's combined on the trainer and outdoors. I don't have a super easy way to split it up, but I've probably got over 1500 miles outside this year.

@“yeso”#p143427 keep going

I keep a list in a notes app of all the games I roll credits on in a year. I don‘t do much else with that list though. I also usually make year end lists of my favorite tracks of the year and this year I’m doing a radio show featuring all those tracks. This is through the public library I work for. We are starting to ramp up an online radio presence so I also asked all the other radio folks to make show of their lists as well as asking other library employees to share their favorite books, movies, etc. I'm hoping to broadcast the radio shows and lists all day on Jan 1.

@“tomjonjon”#p143501 Holy crud! That library project sounds so cool. I'd love to check all that out!

I update the post in the joy of making lists thread when I finish a game.

Music I add to my iTunes library gets ordered by year added anyway so that's convenient for me.

Every day kind of I ask myself what I got done that day, and then also remind myself that I don't need to be productive all the time.


@“connrrr”#p143511 Every day kind of I ask myself what I got done that day, and then also remind myself that I don’t need to be productive all the time

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@“Xyrax”#p143506 I will definitely share a link to our radio when the time comes.

i also keep my own yearly playlists, here‘s 2023’s:

i have them dating back to 2018 (where i was more organized and only added one song per favorite album on a list). the only rule i have is it has to be music released in the current year, and i have to have listened to it in the current year (e.g. any music from 2023 i listen in 2024 will not be back added to the playlist).

i feel like it's getting a bit messy now, so starting next year i'll be making one per month where any song goes and then adding the playlists to a folder when the month's done

It isn’t too self indulgent, but I am working on a YouTube video for games of this year. It’ll be a rug pull. A 3 or so minute long explanation that one of my New Years resolutions of this year was to access my joy without feeling obligated to justify it. “I’m happy. I like things. That is enough.” The runtime of the video will be artificially inflated for the bit.

I moved a few years ago and our current living room setup now features my record player in a much more accessible spot than any of our prior apartments so its been getting a lot more use. This past year in particular, I've really enjoyed playing records whenever friends come over.

My partner and I don't have a ton of records, so I thought it would be fun to start a tradition of getting our top 3 listens on vinyl at the end of the year as a little keepsake.

@“safety_lite”#p143553 That would be a lot of fun - records as so fun. I love having them around as keepsakes, even if i don't spin them that often.

I'm actually going to be setting up my player for the first time in years tonight, so I'm hoping it gets some more use. Hope your vinyl collecting goes well!!