Sequels that Give the Idiots What They Want

Over the months and years following the release of The Legend of Zelda: Title of the Game for Nintendos Wii U and Switch, bloggers, YouTubers and internet finger-havers shared a huge wobbling sausage pile of exploits that pushed the game‘s physics further than they were probably supposed to be pushed. While not entirely accidental, unauthorised or game-breaking, these parts of the game certainly weren’t the main marketing focus or intended gameplay highlight outside of some more ‘organic’ demonstrations of pushing rocks off cliffs and setting fire to stuff to hurt whatever those monsters are called sorry I don’t know Zelda stuff ok.

_example of said filth:_

2023's _The Legend of Zelda: Sequel to the Game_ seems (at least right now) to be heavily based on that physics sandbox nonsense and DIY vehicle hodgepodgery - the kind of thing that captured the internet’s imagination on the original game's release.

My question is:

### What other sequels have so blatantly pandered to accidental highlights from a previous game?

btw _The Legend of Zelda 2: Creator of the Content: Like & Subscribe_ might (and probably will) still be good. I'm not saying it necessarily has to be a bad thing.

As the #1 Fates fan on this forum, I'll get out ahead of it and say Fire Emblem Fates! For a long time Fire Emblem had supports and sometimes romance at the end of the game, but when Intelligent Systems made Awakening they threw every concept at the wall to try to save the franchise, and it included S-rank Supports (love and marriage) and having the characters give birth to a second generation. And it worked! Widespread critical acclaim and memorable fan favorite characters.

Then with Fates, intelligent systems decided to go completely psycho mode in every direction. Instead of putting their time toward creating interesting characters or a good plot, they just went for quantity. So we ended up with 3 games, 72 named units, some really bad writing, and some of the best maps ever in FE sandwiched by uninspired/flawed maps that lend it to slow play, They shoehorned the S-Supports/Children that made sense in Awakening, but had no business being in this game.

Because most characters could get together, it also led to a lot of supports that made no sense at all and the characters all ended up doing things out of character, which meant characters couldn't grow or develop in normal ways. So for example you have characters like Azama who is a prick, and it made everyone he had a support with betray their characterization. But you had to hook him up with someone if you wanted his daughter Mitama in your party.

I know a lot of people online joke that it's a eugenics simulator, and maybe there's some truth to that for Fates in particular because who you got to be in a relationship had a much bigger impact than awakening. It all just amounted to a kind of uncomfortable experience, and Fire Emblem ditched it afterward.

@“Tradegood”#p110712 Is the #2 Fates fan on this forum slot still open? Can I claim that?

@“whatsarobot”#p110741 Haha sure! Though actually @p3ters may be #1 since I saw they bought the limited edition 3DS (I'm jealous)

hard to think of a proper sequel that fits the description, but spinoffs and mods that led to full releases yes (battle royale games, team fortress).

Anyway the FF game after X should have been a straight up blitzball game

Does “We Love Katamari” count for just giving fans a lot more Katamari even tho he wanted to make a different game and also including a bunch of annoying characters talking about how much they love Katamari?


@“yeso”#p110918 nyway the FF game after X should have been a straight up blitzball game

That's a mean take to have about XI.

@“Coffinwarehouses”#p110919 I was going to suggest this right away because narratively that's exactly what the game is about, but then the gameplay builds on top of the core gameplay gimmick so I dunno.

@“connrrr”#p110920 I like XI but I want to know how they hold their breath for so long

Metal Gear Solid 4 fits here I think. That game really packs in a lot of fan service.

@“Coffinwarehouses”#p110919 I’d say it counts.

Metal Gear Solid 4 exists in the same passive-aggressive area.

@“yeso”#p110922 and why people that dress in clothes that cover their legs can't swim.


@“yeso”#p110918 Anyway the FF game after X should have been a straight up blitzball game

I'd play it


Twilight Princess!!! haven‘t played but isn’t it a classic example of giving the gamer type gamers the realistic manly graphics they wanted??


This is literally all I wanted in 2002.

@“穴”#p111158 it was the first in the series to be rated T too. Well I still like it!!

@“edward”#p111225 Same! Blitzball is a great concept. It's basically just mini turn based rpg battles with the overarching sports game component, and if you play enough of it, it gets really complex with HP management, status effects, player stats, and RNG. They could have made it its own game!


I‘ve been saying that for twenty years!

I played 30 hours of just blitzball when I played FFX! I would’ve played 300 more if it was its own game.

In Saints Row 1 there was a glitch/exploit where if you jumped on a car then pressed Y to hijack it you immediately teleported to the driver's seat of the car with the car owner booted out. It was faster than going through the animation of physically pulling the driver out of the car, and it was goofy.

In Saints Row 2, they kept the glitch in the game exactly as it was, and even added a car surfing minigame if you held down the Y button while standing on a car. They gave those idiots exactly what they wanted (me, I am the idiot).

Your anecdote reminded me of something I saw 16 years ago