sewer music

I'm stealing this from a friend who rudely has not joined the forums.

Yes: it's video game music from sewer levels/areas/etc.

Romancing Saga's italo disco bassline:

Lunar SSS's funky mysterious cave

FFIII's eternal wind


Crono Trigger

shonen yangus to fushigi no dungeon

pokemon b&w 2

parasite eeeeeve

Well I stole all those, but later I'll come up with some myself! let's hear yours!!


i'm going to make a slight leap in logic here, but i'm going to say Hazy Maze Cave from Super Mario 64 counts

I don‘t think this was used in a game, but it should’ve been.

here’s one of the first pieces of music I ever consciously enjoyed:

Hmm let’s see, these come to mind…

**Dark Savior**

**Hollow Knight**

**Dark Souls**

**Metal Gear: Ghost Babel**

**Power Blade**

**Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age**

**A Link Between Worlds**

**The King of Fighters ‘99**
_The stage plays the opposing team’s theme._


and of course

Oh yeah - lots of turtles in here

TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
Sewer Surfin'

Batman - Return of the Joker (Game Boy)
The Sewers

I actually can‘t believe I didn’t put sewer surfing in that first tweet.

Speaking of batman, this song is reused, but the first time you hear it you're in a sewer, so i'm gonna count it.

Not 100% a sewer but it's the wet area underneath a palace with canals and stuff? that's what an olde time sewer is anyway...?

I don't absolutely love this song but it brings back some memories, so that says something I guess!?

I kind of liked that sonic spinball sewer theme, but I heard it way too much while being 100% unable to figure out what the game wanted me to do.

Looks like sewers were a lot more popular in the 90s, probably thanks to TMNT.

@exodus#5549 Oh, Sonic Spinball is dreadful alright. It was, fittingly, the first thing that came to mind when I thought of sewers.

I guess sonic spinball could also go into unexpected spinoffs, but it was kind of expected in a way. Despite its many glaring flaws, it's also kind of impressive - made in 6 months or so, from concept to execution, not even having access to the existing sonic sprites or anything.

I mean it's no fun to play, but it's fun to think about having the opportunity to make that, I guess!

@exodus#5549 hot damn! That slap bass on that version of streets of desolation is fantastic!

Come on, guys

Ha! Next we need a “golf mini-game music” thread. Anyway, here goes.
This one is jaunty and fun, and arguably Castlevania-inspired.
This plays in the tutorial sewer level, which I feel is in keeping with the spirit of this thread.
The twangy banjo fits with the theme of the sewer level in Luigi's Mansion 3, which has sections where you're lazily floating around on an inner tube.

One of the THIRTEEN DIFFERENT VIDEO GAMES adapted from the first three Harry Potter stories, Prisoner of Azkaban on GBA was basically a JRPG (like Chamber of Secrets and Philosopher's Stone on Game Boy Color, all three being developed by Griptonite). And no JRPG worth its salt is complete without a sewer level and accompanying music.

Metroid's got some good sewer-esque levels, and good tunes to go with them. I usually don't like when a series constantly recycles its own music—games in a series are already so similar in mechanics, let's at least shake things up aesthetically!!!—but this arranged Super Metroid track makes me happy.
And twelve years after Prime 2, the sequel to the (arguable) 3D remake of Super Metroid, we have AM2R, a remake of the sequel to the first game, complete with this rearranged track from Super Metroid (one of several), WHICH WAS ALREADY REARRANGED IN PRIME 2!


Holy crap how did I forget about Elevator Action Returns!

Also, I have never cared for **Sewer Shark** but I guess it is _de facto_ qualified for this thread.

I didn‘t see it here, I hope I’m not repeating someone's post!

I love the sewer music in Crash Bandicoot.

Thank you for posting the sewer song from Lunar. The Playstation version is genuinely my favorite game.

Elevator Action Returns is maybe the best old game reboot of all time. I guess there wasn't a huge amount of time between the original and the reboot, but the first one sure feels old, and Returns does not. Every Crazy Climber game, on the other hand, feels like crap.