Shadizzle of the Erdtrizzle

(Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree)
Two things:

  • I am down to co-op with anyone who has content to clear prior to accessing the DLC
  • the DLC is supposedly extremely difficult more so than base game at times. I of course haven’t played it so I have no opinion yet, except that stressful bosses aren’t exactly my favorite thing anymore. If anyone wants / needs a buddy, I’m here.
    I’m on PC.

I can’t figure out my own thought process on DLC prep

I decided to make a new character since my main game character is too overpowered.

But I also decided to run to Ranni’s house and grab the sword of night and flame as the first thing I did in the game.

Now I’m like almost level 30, I still need to level up 10 more times to have the int/faith required to use this sword, and all of those levels have not improved any of my usable stats at all other than the general defense scores slowly going up.

I guess if I put int or faith scaling on this starter weapon my attack would go up.

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Just a heads up, Idunno if it’s possible to have a character that’s too overpowered for the dlc. Unless you are saying you just wanna feel fresh and brand new like a newborn babe

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I’m already seeing conflicting reports of NG+ characters making a lot of the DLC pretty trivial.

I kinda hate the mindset of “am I enjoying this game as much as I could be, and by ‘enjoying’ I actually mean am I having a miserable enough time such that I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I overcome it” that is always making me second guess builds and levels and whether or not to look up something on a wiki and whether or not to summon.

But anyway I finally leveled up enough to use the sword of night and flame, laser beamed Margit, and should hopefully be able to get through Godrick and Radahn soon enough so that I can ask for help on Mohg.

Edit: or the update could fail somehow and restart over and over and now I can’t play the game at all

Yeah I saw PC Gamers article claiming it’s not good to bring “cheesy ng+ builds” into the DLC.
I couldn’t disagree more. Stop telling me what to do, stupid articles!

When Elden ring released, pretty much, I knew I was just gonna play it kind of out of obligation and to see Kings Field References. I was saying then, that I’m far more interested in what they do next. That was armored core vi, and this dlc expansion. So yeah, the real elden ring starts now. And I’m not just saying that. This is the first actually new souls like since Sekiro, imo. Elden ring was too spaced out. I’ve been thinking of this from the start. Also I did a great job at not anticipating this expansion much, I didn’t really think about it much, so the wait didn’t seem like anything. I had other stuff to play. Heck I finished DQV for the first time this morning, just a couple hours before DLC released.

Anyways I’m a couple hours in, taking it really slow, hanging out, but also not wasting all my time meandering into every corner like it’s dark souls like I did my first time through elden ring. I’m doing it right. I’m going up the straightforward paths, hanging out on the roads.


Besides you can adjust difficulty by using or not using the power ups

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Not sure if this is the general Erdtree DLC thread but I was hoping to be ready for the DLC on drop day but only got my new build to level 41, up to Rennala.

Huge quality of life thing I noticed: the Golden Rune [#] in your inventory now tell you how many souls they are worth. I think that’s new, otherwise I was googling something almost every play session because I don’t just have bad memory but am also blind.

Playing on Playstation 4, PSN: Bodhi41. Hoping to get to level 100 by the 4th holiday. Happy to team up for some grinding or anything.

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the DLC is really good. the first thing i did was get absolutely owned by a kung fu guy chillin on an arch. i brought my level 160 ng character in, running a dex/arc build and am having a relatively easy time for someone who’s not good at the game.


I have not yet made it to the DLC – I guess deep-down I knew I was never going to make it. It didn’t help that I have been unable to play this past week, which was the time I’d pretty much put aside for progressing my NG+ to where I needed to get to.

Oh well.

Just in case people are back playing again and weren’t around for the base game’s launch, we had a “group password” in the multiplayer settings screen so we would see each other’s messages, bloodstains, etc:

long live the DONKYMLK


yeah everything is going smoothly for me just chilling and going another route when I hit a wall in one of the two legacy dungeons I’ve dived into. The world is perfect. this is the perfect version of elden ring, so much better paced.
… and finally some good armor for female characters.


i know this can be said about like….every souls game, but the starting area in particular feels like it really captured that berserk feeling


So wait, it’s actually easier with my NG+ character? I mean he’s only level 155 or something, but he’s geared to hell and back. I was actually worried it would be harder because everyone would be running endgame builds but I’d have the extra difficulty from NG+

Haven’t started playing yet. Won’t get to until late tonight or maybe sometime tomorrow, unfortunately.

Per kotaku dot com the recommendation is 120 for the dlc, then also says enemy attack stat scales with player level so they hit harder. So as a consequence, the author’s 157 character was struggling

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Interesting…so grinding won’t help anyway. Well, I’m sure I’ll be able to beat it, but I have got the feeling that this is going to be difficult for me.

is that really true?

i had a hard time at first because my particular character was a little too kitchen sink but i respeced to meet 50 vig and put a clearer focus on dex/arc and things got easier after that.

the enemies attack strengths themselves aren’t as big of a problem as the length and speed of their combos imo, so it might balance out if you decide to put more levels into vig or attack even if they do scale.

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I mean I don’t know, that’s what kotaku guy said. Other places are saying like 50 is when to jump in. Idk myself

difficulty feels perfectly balanced not too crazy one way or the other. I’m level 150 in NG+. Some stuff is still too stressful if I’m not fully caffeinated and I can still get tilted by certain encounters. Basic mobs on the overworld for chilltimes die in 2-4 hits.
Everyone is making way too big a deal about difficulty just take your favorite character in and have a good time without worrying too much about anything. There are so many ways they’ve balanced this, making it the most balanced expansion ever made.

This world design resolves all the issues I had with the base game.


No spoilers but
Shadow Tower reference

Also protip don’t kill the bug guys. Who else accidentally killed the first one you saw and then got scolded by the ultimate materialistic homie