Shadizzle of the Erdtrizzle

Basically what I’m saying here is Eldizzle Rizzle Title Scrizzle Song makes me shizzle every time,
like this if you shizzle every time


This final boss is absolutely nuts lol I’m blessing level 17 and I feel like even if I go back and get to 20 it won’t get any better. If I get it down 2/3rds thats like a really good run for me. I don’t even know what I’m going to do.

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I just went back to playing SnowRunner instead. I may or may not try the final boss again later.

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I respec’d too much and lost interest.
It’s good I’m taking long breaks from the game, unlike I originally binged through the base game the month it came out.
I will appreciate it more the more slowly I go. Still have 1 map fragment left to collect.
Mainly I just want to be able to watch videos and not worry about spoilers. but really, that’s more an issue that fucking internet moves so fast that all the endgame spoiler videos come out the same day the game does. plus I’m already spoiled on the final boss, during a point in the game where it’s only being foreshadowed :/

Dang I was sure I figured out how to get to a corner of the map I haven’t been to yet that I need to go to for a quest, but instead the path I found went in a slightly different direction and an annoying boss.

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I used a reddit cheese build to beat it. It was stupidly easy. I don’t think I was ever going to beat it with the builds id been running anyway and I’m glad to have it over with now, even though I loved the experience overall

The Crucible has already been defined by loresters for what it most obviously represents, but I think it also represents the elden era of From Software, with the Crucible Tree armor set looking very much like a design from the Playstation 1 / 2 era, the Fine Crucible Feather talisman bringing back Dark Souls II backstep I-Frames, etc.

The most immersion-breaking thing that someone can do over elden ring co-op is spin the control stick. so many players do this to express instead of using emotes and it makes me want to sever their tie immediately. I once summoned someone who constantly did that to get my attention to try and tell me where I was “supposed to go” according to them and I didn’t have words for it then, but what makes me so upset by it is that it is directly breaking my immersion, making me feel like it’s a 10 year old kid in his room just achievement farming or whatever.
Second to this is when they spam L1 shield stance. just use an emote lazy ass


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The new progression system really is a great experiment in player psychology. I can’t help but think of it as the exact inverse of Dark Souls 2, where you could consume items to make the game more difficult, and that disguised the fact that the game was nowhere near as truly challenging as it presented itself as being.

In this case, the game is exactly as difficult as it appears to be, and exploring to find the blessings is something any sane person SHOULD do on their first playthrough. Those who refuse to do so will almost certainly be dissuaded of that mindset, or else embark upon a genuinely ascetic journey of meditation through failure. (for an example of this, check out Dan Gheesling’s excellent streams)

I love every boss. They all reward close attention paid to the basic mechanics of the game, and none of them have attacks so oppressive that you can’t learn how to deal with them in a reasonable amount of time. The only thing is, they have a lot of attacks that MUST be learned, all of them are very dangerous, and most of them have great methods of mixing them up.

And yet, the things that can be used to make the main game significantly easier are no less effective here. (conversely, the entire game can as usual be beaten at level 1 without dodging, buffing, summoning any help, or getting hit.)

It really is a case where you must know what you want, and know yourself, more than anything else.


I have reached the final boss of Shadizzle of the Erdizzle and I gotta say am not a fan. Cool concept but I’m getting my butt walloped. Attempted it for about 2 hours with no much luck.

I’ve got a lot of the moves down but the second phase is far to insane. Just to note I’m a mage build too and I refuse to respec just for the fight. I have adapted a little bit by upgrading a medium shield fully, switched from that new Thorns Spell to Night Comet. I’m doing a little bit better with Night Comet. I’m switching between staff and claws for that bonus dodge.

I initially started by summoning two NPCs for the fight but they are not dealing damage or gaining agro to justify their inclusion. I have more luck soloing with Senpai Mimic.

I am determined and ready to put this DLC to bed so wish me luck. I’ll have my arms up tonight in order to receive IC’s spirit energy.

Edit: I beat him! A bit confused because I assumed credits will roll but I guess not? Overall I think it’s a very very solid DLC. I think the final boss and ending flubs it a bit. As the cliche goes sometimes it’s the journey not the destination that counts.

SotET had me reflecting on difficult games like this. I think I’m too old to really enjoy spending hours learning an attack pattern and beating a boss before declaring that said boss was a highlight of my “gaming career”. Maybe I’m a bit tired of online YouTuber style discourse around difficult games or the ‘get good/skill issue’ mentality. In the end it can be a bit rote and tedious.


lol I do this cause it looks silly.
I also do stuff like this when playing other games.
I like silly stuff.
I don’t spin around to tell people where to go though.
I dislike when people try to tell me where cause, like, I’m just exploring and having a good time.
If I feel the need to get someone’s attention cause I can tell they’re lost or something I’ll do the “Hey!” emote, but it’s kinda whatever if they don’t get it.
If I were there just to fight the boss I’d put my sign down in front of the boss door.

Anyway, I’ve been doing Shadowkeep stuff and, as a person who values mostly the exploration aspect of souls games, this place is sick.
So many places to look!

Unrelated, I think the lion boss is not so good.
I personally don’t love the increasing number of large bosses in souls games that move very quickly and jerk the camera around.
Luckily, that’s what co-op is for, even though it still took me about three hours.
Since then, it’s been relatively breezy for me.

I will literally cheat using cheat engine if this shit is too hard. I don’t think about the difficulty too much man I just think of it like an NES game. I’ll just cheat if I absolutely have to. It’s how I beat the last boss of Sekiro NGL. I still have fun.


Exploration is really above all else in these games for me, with most of the enjoyable challenge coming from the tension between wanting to push on versus risk of dying, paying attention and noticing tricky situations and how to get out of them before you get got, and the reward for finding a new path that leads to something new and hopefully amazing, whether that be scenery or items or hopefully both.

There is so much good exploration in this game. I even found THREE new exits leading to new areas from one dungeon in particular after I posted a while ago about how I was pretty much done with exploration. (I didn’t actually mean that there was nothing left for me to find, just that I had the outline completed and the rest was filling it in. Still blew my mind.)

But I also think Elden Ring, and especially the DLC, has walled off the challenge of beating a boss from the challenge of exploration, mostly due to the stakes of Marika in front of almost every boss encounter. I think they probably had to do that given how hard most of these bosses are. Still, as a result you’re “done” with exploring a dungeon as soon as you reach the boss fog. Tension in exploring has gone down overall as well, because losing your runes isn’t a big deal once you’re level 150, and if you can just run to the stake of Marika you won’t have to redo the level.


Also man this game makes me want a controller with paddles. Dunno how many times I’m trying to run without being locked on so I have to hold a button and use the right stick at the same time.


I picked up a paddle dongle for PS4 controllers just to make using a mage easier and it made a world of difference. Haven’t touched it since going DEX melee but remember first using it with the mage and thinking “…totally worth it”. I feel that was when it all clicked for me with the combat.


Paddle… dongle?? I wonder how that works

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Just kinda clips on. They make them for most first party controllers now and can be a good option

I am completely out of ideas for how to get to the elevated area above and immediately behind where you first start off in the DLC. I thought I had it too. I’ll leave it alone I guess for now and hopefully I’ll stumble on it when I don’t expect.

Lol damnit I was just about to ask, like how “no horse ahead” had a different meaning to Chinese players or something right? I was wondering if “mist or beast ahead” maybe was a similar situation.

Then I figured it out when I said it in my head.