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Here's some of my own:

and some that I just like:

I think fellow IC forum-goer @devilsblush deserves a shoutout for some amazing (and lengthy!) twitter threads, such as these:

Here's a cool one I found recently in a similar vein:

@kory#24152 thanks kory! that ramo_antoine thread is so good.

gonna use this as an opportunity to link my japanese wizardry players manual thread:

@devilsblush#24502 Love your PCE shots.

@KennyL#24518 me too, I flip through it all the time

A good one

Really like the Yakuza font thread.

a good recent thread that keeps popping back onto my TL

In case anyone needs some motivational words today

A thread by Rami Ismail explaining the month of Ramadan (stick around for a heartwarming personal anecdote)

Great thread on the only tool I’ve ever successfully used to make a game.

This Xenogears thread is funny

@Personasama got a very good twitter thread running right now about video game cats.

Some great stuff here…I wish I recognized more of these games

Good thread here that is a collection of YouTube links to mostly speeches and other kinds of tone setting in games.

A erratic disjointed thread of my own where I collected notes for what would eventually become my [Videogames and The Military]( thread. I make no effort to explain my thought process as I go along, but there are a lot of interesting links, many of which I did not include in the post I made here.

Some great stuff. I don‘t use twitter so I’d never seen it. This is kind of why. So easy to miss/lose track of good info.

I'm especially appalled that I never knew there was a Ray Bradbury video game for Gameboy Advance, putting that on my flash cart ASAP.

Tried searching Playstation DokiOki and of course all the results are for DDLC. 💢
(I still found it, because I have search skills, I'm just mad)

that said,

so I started using my 15 year old twitter account this week,

feel free to send me a FR, the account is private until I finish pruning, this account is going to be for retro game development news & art