Short time listener, first time caller

Stumbled across the podcast a few months ago, and have really enjoyed the show. Great job Insert Credit team.

Can't get enough.

Started listening to historic casts, and also really enjoying.

Was about to listen to Episode 29, Endless Walker, and noticed the sound file (mp3?) seems to be missing. Also a few other episodes around this one are missing. Just a courtesy note for whomever it may concern.

thank you for the heads up!! glad you’re enjoying the classic stuff. just checked the website and it looks like it’s missing there too. i’ll write an email to @shane and see if we can figure it out.

in the meantime, our page should have every episode including 29. bit of a hassle I know, but you can directly download them from the page, so as to not interrupt your flow.

thanks again for letting us know!!

@espercontrol#26619 thanks for letting me know. fixed now!

Thank you for the head's up!

And for fixing the links on the website. Insert credit folx are great.