show me a mirage

This week‘s discussion of deserts reminded me that mirages are super cool. I don’t have a bunch of good examples of nice videogame mirages, please show me!

The pure cheek

@kory#33011 Well isn’t what we’re seeing here in this screenshot actually the silhouette? She has turn around for it to be a mirage.

The ultimate mirage?

@billy#33025 owned

@saddleblasters#33022 You know, I tried to do my due diligence and get this right—even found a pdf of the dang manual! My conclusion is that it’s…ambiguous…so just in case please enjoy this upsetting bit of lore from the (remarkably extensive!) official manual as an alternate entry for this thread:


@kory#33027 I've never even heard of this game but it looks pretty cool

@CidNight#33030 it’s a treasure!

@CidNight#33020 Came here to post that but was beaten.

Will settle for this instead: