Show me ads that Totally Dunk on other companies

Been thinking a lot about ads that throw their competitors in the gosh darn garbage, and couldn't find a thread chronicling this, so here we go…

Neo Geo carpet-bombing the NES, TG-16 and Genesis:

Crash Bandicoot stinking up the Nintendo HQ parking lot in a tone which I can't decide is "smug" or "bored" (bonus points awarded for the appearance of the "U R Not Red E":

This Jaguar marketing campaign revolved around kids' ability to recognise that one number is higher than another, and undoubtedly inspired Devolver's E3 appearances years later:

It still feels pretty wild that this Genesis commercial almost contains as much footage of Super Mario World as it does Sonic The Hedgehog. Not even really a dunk, tbh. "I'LL TAKE SONIC. ...and Genesis.":

That's enough from me, probably extremely obvious stuff. Show me!! Show me!!!

This one is especially good considering this game never came out.

A Star Fox 64 promotional video for Nintendo Power subscribers that depicts Sony and Sega as mustache twirling buffoons.

EDIT: Stay to the end to see a whole reel featuring early footage of Yoshi Story and Ocarina of Time.

At the time Intel's ads featured workers in the clean suits as their mascot, so Apple decided to “roast” one for a commercial

There were a few of these, Intellivision taking big swings at the Atari 2600

@“RubySunrise”#p56358 I had this promo tape as a kid. For some reason, my brother and I were obsessed with it. No joke we watched at least once every day for a month. I think we just liked all the characters and goofy acting.

"Peter, you didn't tell them about The Rumble Pak(TM), did you?"
"No, just did."

(I didn't rewatch the link you posted, I'm just straight quoting from memory. )


@“monocosm”#p56046 Neo Geo carpet-bombing the NES, TG-16 and Genesis:

Today I learned that the NeoGeo had 4D graphics. I lived in New Jersey in 1990 and I'm pretty sure I saw that ad air a few times. Either that or I've constructed a memory around it.

@“rearnakedwindow”#p56380 I was the same way. I did watch the video again, and I remembered everything.


A magazine article, not an ad, but still good.
[upl-image-preview url=//]

@“hellomrkearns”#p56488 Plimpton just straight merc-ing that kid.

French commercial law does not allow using other brands without their consent so we never got stuff like “Sega does what Nintendon’t” or Crash Bandicoot being a jerk, but here is a fun one that English-speaking audiences may not know about, as I think it was strictly a French campaign.

What do you do when you can’t release your console on Christmas 1995, as hoped? You instead crap on the other consoles that do come out! Reverse FOMO! This campaign ran around November 1995 in magazines (we typically buy Christmas gifts in mid-December) and it actually worked quite well among some kids.

[upl-image-preview url=//]
_On December 25, if you spot a gift that looks like a 32-bits, don’t laugh, it might be yours._

[upl-image-preview url=//]
_If you absolutely want to cry in a few months, sure, go ahead and ask for a 32-bits this Christmas._

[upl-image-preview url=//]
_Dear Santa, when you come down the chimney, please forget about the 32-bits I asked for._

Some notes:

  • * Obviously, mega bonus points for using the old ULTRA 64 name, logo and black & purple identity. This might be the main reason you have already seen these ads online. This detail tells you in retrospect how late the console really was…
  • * When this ad ran, the Ultra 64 was expected to release sometime in spring 1996 worldwide, hence the messaging about "just wait a few months!" to credulous kids. The Nintendo 64 will end up officially releasing in… September 1997 in France, almost two years later. (Most other European countries got it in March and April 1997.)
  • * As I said above, you are not allowed to directly name or compare with your competitors in France. So Nintendo went for an interesting use of "32-bits", not even bothering to add the word "console" (same word in French). Considering the Ultra 64’s name, it made sense to remind people _something twice as powerful was coming out soon!_, but it also shows how common the discourse on the new 32-bits generation had become by then.
  • * Not sure what’s up with all the disparate font choices. Ad creatives having fun. Last one makes sense as it’s kinda like a kid writing to Santa.