show me anything 32-bit RPG

NO Quest 64. PSX or Saturn. Thanks. I'll take anything

I've been revisiting a childhood curiosity of mine with Azure Dreams. I never did beat it, and grew tired of the tower crawling, but I loved pretty much every other aspect around the game– specifically all of the town building, character relations, art, and music.

Oh, and here's some gameplay:

Dragon Seeds falls more in line with a sim, but still has RPG elements, so I'm not sure how much it counts here, but it's a game that I'm mostly revisiting for just the music. Still poured hours into and enjoyed it when I was younger, though. Also, Dragon is a term used very loosely here, as further evolved forms of dragons would be something closer to a bug, robot, angel, jellyfish, whatever you can think of.

The soundtrack, though, is beyond amazing. It's spectacular, and buried in a game that I feel people never paid attention to when it came out, and have long forgotten today. Thankfully, I guess someone didn't forget the soundtrack, as it did have a very recent release.
I'm ready to fight someone!
The shift from something vast sounding to a more personal and-now-back-to-you-and-your-place-in-this-city tone feels good.
This goes from a poppy pleasant tune to suddenly everyone's dancing in this place.

Just phenomenal. The art in the game was also super good. Weird, following-the-trends-of-monster-raising-sims, Jaleco developed game that really went hard on making a personality of its own rather than a quick cash-in.

Also, some gameplay:

@JJSignal#17167 exactly what i was hoping for, thank you. azure dreams was always on my radar, think i read a preview or review in game informer. the music is good.

re: dragon seeds, yeah the music owns, i love the use of vocals here, reminds me of evergrace. going on my list of stuff to check out

in this thread we do not respect voice acting*. text only

*unless it's extremely low fidelity



Grand Lethal

Xenogears is near unplayable without save states due to its pacing problems. But that means nobody knows how OP Citan with a sword is.

It’s 8:55 in. I can’t get a time stamped link on the mobile app and my network is down because of the ice storm in Portland. 🥶

@antillese#17268 i gave xenogears a shot this year. loved the art but could not get past the writing. i played until…shortly after meeting Bart and leaving his base I think? just couldn't get into it but maybe I should give it another shot

could you tell me more about the pacing problems?

@tapevulture#17285 My friend - you have already found them and they only get worse. It’s kind of famous for its bad pacing.

Kislev is where I always give up again. I’ve tried to play the game several times since 1998 when I finished it before Christmas break and never get past Kislev. That is where you will go over two hours of cutscenes and small amounts of town exploration with no decision making. Eventually you get to do the mech tournament which is different than the regular battle mode, but it just saps my stamina.

The second disc is almost entirely a text box affair, but it’s only the last 1/3-1/4 of the game if I recall.

It’s really a shame because there is so many other cool interesting things in the game that people will never get to see.

@antillese#17292 yeah wish i had the stamina to get to the good stuff. the graphics are so good! and the music which i listen to regularly despite not experiencing most of it in the game

@tapevulture#17295 Me too. One of Mitsuda's finest soundtracks for sure. And the 3D environmental art is so good!!

@antillese#17292 how about that agonizing 1-1.5 second pause when you exit the menu

@treefroggy#17607 what is this from

@tapevulture#17622 Kaeru B Back lol

should have posted in guess that game, no one would know.

I love 32bit rpgs from all consoles, but I mostly share gba stuff since no one else is

@JJSignal#17167 Something about the aesthetic of Azure Dreams grosses me the heck out.