Show me anything 3DO

I‘ve been having some inexplicable 3DO nostalgia lately, to the point where I’m thinking about picking one up! It seems like a not very irresponsible purchase, at a time when my go-to older consoles (Saturn, Dreamcast, and to some extent PS1) have been priced out of my reach– it looks like a used console can be found for under $200, and many games are also reasonably priced. I owned one back in the mid 90‘s, and like so many of my decisions from the mid 90’s, I regret getting rid of it!

Anyway, here's a share to start, the pretty fantastic for its time 3DO version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo:

Might as well dust this off:

this is the one game i legit own for my FZ - as a kenji eno fan, i want trip'd but i think i want money more

@“IrishNinja”#p81342 Of course there's also D, which is the only 3DO game I still own:

Thanks also to everyone for sharing these! I'm really enjoying the particular 94-ish 'unappealing poly' look that I associate so much with the 3DO. Already I have a few games to add to my wanted list!

oh hell yes, wish i'd have waited on finally getting this hardware to play D - it was great on the PSX but still

the classic sega fan in me is always going to respect eno for what he pulled with enemy zero back then, haha

no 3do thread would be complete without

You can get an ODE for the 3DO these days as well!

Anyway, somebody has to mention the mediocre yet somehow still compelling sailor moon fighting game

I was pretty fascinated by the mediocre Japanese games on the console - belzerion, guardian war, etc - it was a real showcase for medium sized devs doing some of their worst work. Which is fascinating in its way!

@“connrrr”#p81356 I unironically love that this exists! It reminds me a lot of mid 2000's advergames but with more polish.

I'm increasingly interested in getting a few of these! Being familiar with Saturn collecting in the last decade, I expect an unattractive, uninteresting game that reviews agree is borderline unplayable (but that is interesting for all sorts of reasons otherwise) to be priced in the hundreds of dollars because it only had a small production run or whatever, but so far a bunch of the games talked about in this thread are under $50US.

@“exodus”#p81362 Hmmm, maybe an ODE is the right move, given the average optical drive lifespan! Thanks for mentioning it!

I remember that Sailor Moon game! I agree, it's super mediocre, both for its gameplay and its animation, but the sprite work viewed unanimated is pretty great!

I think there's a lot to be learned by playing mediocre games in general, and it's as though the 3DO is a console for which there are almost exclusively mediocre games!

Lol, I didn't know that Hell: a Cyberpunk Thriller had a 3DO version. [On no... but also oh yes maybe](

this channel has some interesting bits from D2 on the 3DO M2.

The only experience and memory I have of the 3DO is my Dad's mates playing Road Rash on a Panasonic 3DO. I remember finding the concept of whipping another person with a chain while riding a motorcycle to be incredibly funny.

So my contribution is this rad Japanese cover of ロードラッシュ.

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@“matt”#p81472 it’s funny— I researched Road Rash a few years ago for a project I was working on, and I was sure I’d never played it, but I had a sort of weird déjà vu the whole time. Now I think it’s because I had played the 3DO version, instead of the way more common Genesis version… I think? Anyway, it’s got those nice gross motion capturey sprites! Not a good game per se, but kinda good in an inexplicable way.

That’s pretty descriptive of the entire console!

I am deep into a play through of the PS1 version of the same Road Rash, and I have never seen a game caught between so many eras. The digitized FMV and sprite work is best in class, but the tiny bit of polygon work on say the tunnels presages the entire generation of games to come. The game play is locked in a VERY old style “you will learn nothing about the rules of the game from failure” level of challenge. I am using save states on the MiSTer PS1 core to play through because as endlessly frustrating as the game can be, it's fake California landscapes are a miracle to behold. Blasting through a busy city out to the open roads then on to the narrow coastline. Only Outrun 2 scratches the same feeling of road tripping at 120mph.

[upl-image-preview url=]

A while ago (over a year now?? shoot) the forum introduced me to this game that‘s just a museum of an artist’s work. No real gameplay besides walking around and looking at the exhibits, just a totally authentic museum experience. Whenever anyone mentions the 3DO this is the first game I think of now.

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I used to see screenshots for Way of the Warrior in magazines and was pretty jealous it wasn't on other systems. It looked so METAL.

I got a 3DO years later in the mid 2000's and was not disappointed. It is indeed a terrible MK klone, and I love all of those dearly.

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Return Fire
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents/ 3DO / Toyota / 1993
[upl-image-preview url=]

[It's Alive! (YTV) The only (?) game show brought to you by the Panasonic R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
]([upl-image-preview url=]
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@“hellomrkearns”#p81960 Alfred Hitchcock Presents/ 3DO / Toyota / 1993

I've seen this in listings and I would really love to know about the depth of Toyota's involvement in games, in general.