Show Me Anything Capcom

This neat little video made me wonder. I don’t want to just default to nostalgia, but when was the last time Capcom made a character like Saki from Quiz Nanairo Dreams?

Not in the sense that she is a particularly laudable character in and of herself, but when Saki was selected as an assist character for the first Marvel vs. Capcom, her own game was just a couple years old. How far back in Capcom’s history would you have to go today if you were making a new vs series fighting game to find anything close to the level of obscurity of a heroine in a Japanese-only arcade quiz/dating sim?

…I feel like it would be closer to 1996 than to today. Looking at the Capcom roster from 2017’s MvC Infinite seems to support that. But maybe I’m wrong. I wonder who the coolest Capcom character is from 2022 that hardly anyone knows.


This is a great question. My guess would be the “Aquanaut” character from Shinsekai: Into the Depths, which released all the way back in 2019 for crying out loud.


Just looking at that guy I can believe it, and I was thinking that a modern day equivalent of a quiz/dating sim arcade game would probably come from an iphone game.


The people have spoken.