Show Me Anything Data East

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@“hellomrkearns”#p45170 Finally, something more off-beat than Trio the Punch.

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I want a modern game based on Sly Spy’s Japanese arcade flyer.

Co-op‘ed bad dudes over some beers. Here’s a message from the potus

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lol I love that poster, but I‘m just realising that is Gary Stern of Stern Pinball/Data East as Doc Brown. (confirmed by Stern Pinball on their Facebook). He’s also in that Tattoo Assassins ad I posted above.

Here is is in [another promo photo]( promoting a new flipper!
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Here‘s the cover to the soundtrack CD for Data East’s Wolf Fang, aka Rohga: Armor Force, which I played again last night and like a lot:

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OK, first Night Slashers and now this – Forever Entertainment is putting out a new MAGICAL DROP

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What is it with this company?

It's starting to feel personal

Hobby Japan's TTRPG channel posted … 5th edition D&D actual play in the world of Joe & Mac?

Yeah, that was an officially-licensed module by a commercial studio, ostensibly made in promotion of the “new” HD Joe & Mac game… now that I'm looking at their page, I see they already put out a second part:

Oh. Naw!