show me anything hudson

Hudson/Irem connection. Does anyone know why Irem changed the name?

via Play Meter - Volume 18, Number 9 August 1992

the 90's ones are all so adorable and some of them even belong in


Yeah! Those guys are cool.


i want one of these corduroy hats


the many faces of masta higgins


Three, two, one, zero! (Three, two, one, zero!)

Bug-tte Honey! (Bug-tte Honey!)

TMS and Hudson present what is essentially an Adventure Island OVA about a month after Adventure Island's release, starring Takahashi Meijin-- or rather-- I guess Takahashi Genjin, in this case.

Hudson Shooting Watch

Apparently 1999 was still a year in which American publishers took terrific Japanese box art like this

and said "nah we can do better"

Tin full of Bonk.
A collection of all three Game Boy Bonk games. All on one cart.

Hi-Ten Bomberman


Very nice Mr. B. Bee music video.

Hudson R&D lab with train track running through it.

CD-ROM² promo with really cool behind the scene rundown of Red and Hudson offices.

Listen to my story

When I was 16, I was homeless in Santa Monica, living in a 2-door honda civic with my father.

One day, I got on the bus at the 3rd street prominade.

On that bus, I noticed something amazing

an unhoused man had a stinky dirty Vintage Bomberman Duffle Bag

I was mesmerized. If I had any amount of cash or resources, (or social skills, being fresh off the boat as I was a country lad) I would have offered it to him on the spot for the bag.

I never was able to find any images of the bag online.

Until Now

This is the same bag. It sold on Grailed for $140