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I found myself getting into a Soldam kick last year when the remake on the Switch went on sale.

Before that, like most things, I was attracted to it by its bright, upbeat soundtrack.

The new version has some fantastic arrangements, too!

The newer version is developed by City Connection, which I guess has all of Jaleco's assets now.

I was incredibly confused by Soldam during my first encounters with the original arcade version, but sitting down with the newer one on the Switch sorted that all out. It's a super addictive game once you get into the groove of things! Very satisfying. The whole thing makes me want to snack on something tart and sweet while playing it.

Some gameplay:

What an exciting game!!

y'all really sleeping on Jaleco

I was futzing around with Operation Logic Bomb thinking about getting the Jaleco Collection for Evercade and I really dug it. An impressive top down shooter for the era that I wish had twin stick controls via the SNES diamond shaped buttons.

Anything else on this collection stand out to folks here

Bases Loaded
Brawl Brothers
City Connection
Earth Defence Force
Super Goal! 2
Totally Rad
Rival Turf
Operation Logic Bomb
Ignition Factor

@robinhoodie#22624 EDF (no relation) is a pretty good shmup. City Connection is super simple but fun. Bases Loaded was their biggest hit in the states, it's baseball.

Aaa~! I love Pop Flamer! It‘s the sort of bonkers game concept that made no sense to me whatsoever as a kid but that makes 100% sense to me now that I have any understanding at all of the Japanese arcade game scene of the early 80’s.

This could be a crosspost with the shooters thread, but I just started playing the Switch port of Game Tengoku, which is of course absolutely overflowing with Jaleco goodness. It's kind of bonkers that we ended up getting a modern port of a game I've wanted the Saturn version of for years, something like 5 or 6 years after the death of poor old Jaleco.

@Karasu#23294 I've been eyeing that but have yet to take the plunge

@MichaelDMcGrath#23299 I was a little torn, since I found out that the Saturn version, even the fancy one with the VHS tape, sells pretty reliably for under $100 US! I had been assuming that it was like most popular Saturn games and had been priced into the stratosphere.

Still, it's real good! And the price is reasonable! Especially if, like me, you enjoy mid-90's pre danmaku goofball shooters! It's no Gokujō Parodius, but it's a fun little game in its own right. I recommend it!

Hmm, maybe I should bring it up in the shooters thread...

@Karasu#23294 the fact the logo is an image of the PCB… wow….

@treefroggy#23348 Yeah, it leans very heavily into the specific physical objects of gaming, especially when compared with Parodius, which goes more for constructing worlds out of the characters and locales of its games. I mean, the first stage takes place in an arcade!

@FlutterSprite#23344 Rodland is on Switch as well. It's a fun one!

Jaleco aquarium equipment

[upl-image-preview url=//]

Jaleco Beer Brewing Kit

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p17185 this boxart is so good for such a meh game. it's just the best. i wish i lived there.

@“hellomrkearns”#p17195 I don't know it got to this point, but it never clicked for me until now that the City in City Connection refers to the Honda City.

There you go.

The next mobile game port in the Gmode Archives+ series is Momoko 1200%, a remake of Jaleco’s Momoko 120%, their contribution to the 1986 boom of cute teenage heroines thrown into action games (Typhoon Gal, Wonder Momo, Athena etc.). The original game was well known for its heroine aging up with each stage and the blatant use of Urusei Yastura’s opening theme for its BGM – the Famicom port actually used the IP.

The remake keeps the same (somewhat creepy) premise: the King of Planet Mars falls in love with (a prepubescent) Momoko and desperately tries to capture her. She rightfully defends herself with an Glock. Each stage has her grow up and there is now a fun(?) branching path depending on her performance: she might turn bad and become a _sukeban_ if you don’t steer her right!


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The most recent Jeremy Parish video features a famous🇺🇸 and infamous🇯🇵 Jaleco game.