Show Me Anything Taito

until this thread it didn't register to me how many of the games I like are taito

taito is tiight yo

light spoilers for Cyber Shadow, but at one point you get this fine piece of dialogue.


the line immediately after this one is another reference to another classic game!

but to find out, you will have to play the game yourself! lol

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Currently in the middle of scanning some very good Taitos



Haha right? I was digging through a mame list and realized all these taito games that I loved, plus discovered a few I had never heard of before. They have a very understated style.

To change gears from my last post and post something that doesn‘t require extensive knowledge of Taito esoterica to understand (largely because it’s explaining that esoterica), here‘s a veteran Taito developer explaining two of the artistic signatures that appear in Taito’s oeuvre from back in the day.

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@Squit#15650 every time I've seen one of those punching games in the wild, the pad is beyond falling apart and rotting and probably full of staph/MRSA and yet drunk people simply cannot help themselves. I once saw a guy try to do a running headbutt from across the room on a Punchmania machine and get ejected from the bar.

_"Will it be a happy or sad ending? The game ends after three punches regardless of the results."_

@KennyL#15444 I'm gonna write something up about this pretty soon

I came here to post the kenji kaido thing, it's wild!!

Also I think this counts

@hellomrkearns#16100 pregnant elsa dies at dentist

Third Syvalion post of the day! Highly relevant!




@treefroggy#16328 “I undressed immediately.”

@hellomrkearns#16290 only arcade game I finished on 1 credit on my first try.

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