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I've heard of worse excuses to post a Deception III GIF.

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I really like the DOAX games. They have a bad rep because they are extremely objectifying BUT Xtreme 2 is a legit good mini game collection. The jet ski racing is really fun and I really like the background art that looks like prerendered CD ROM game backgrounds but in real time. There are a bunch of silly mini games in here and they're all made to be good rather than vehicles for swimsuit DLC.


@“RubySunrise”#p92604 wow it's so bizarre to see someone clear that without taking damage after watching speedrunners damage boost through it for a decade

Like hearing a familiar song in a minor key

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Hamster dropped Wild Fang (Tecmo Knight in the US) on the US eShop today as part of the Arcade Archives series.

I popped in for a spell, and it's worth it for the bizarre specificity. You play as a lil guy (or two lil guys), and everyone else -- i.e. all of the enemies in a beat 'em up, which _is_ everyone else -- are giants. So you can ride a big guy (who is normal sized in this giant world) for some reason named Smokeman, or a somewhat-but-not-really-giant tiger, or an actually kind of small dragon as a temporary powerup. In the same year Splatterhouse dropped and picked up a sort of whispered-about reputation as a no-no game, this is far more violent and equally grindhouse-y -- enemies slathered in goopy red blood as soon as you hit them, heads just floppin off all over the place. It's fairly rote in terms of belt scrollers, but is heavy with post-Milius' _Conan The Barbarian_ B-movie vibes (_Beastmaster_, _Deathstalker_, _Krull_, _Gor_, it's all in there), which is a specific brand of undulating, crafted-in-latex otherworldliness that's always fun to hang out in. Heads up, though: it's a checkpoint beat 'em up with a three-life limit, so you unfortunately can't credit feed this one. You and your tiny bros are gonna have to give it a real try, which means I can't get very far cuz I got no tiny bros handy and not many tries in me.

Anyway, this'll be my new tramp stamp

@“tokucowboy”#p114351 Feels to me like a mix between Kozure Ōkami (1987, Nichibutsu) and Black Dragon (1987, Capcom). Too bad for Tecmo that it got overshadowed by Golden Axe that same year.

@“◉◉maru”#p114373 Yeah, it does have a Japanese folklore tilt with all that oni-killing – Black Dragon is another that I‘d put in that post-Conan bucket, though. That movie was to fantasy video games as Giger was to alien video games back then (I don’t know if it‘s a hot take for the Tecmo thread, but I think Black Dragon’s a lot more fun, too)