Show Me Anything Xbox (or "SMAX")

well, go on.


remember when microsoft made that guy physically transform into a “cool” xbox gamer? what was his name

##### @"yeso"#p121743 SHOW ME!!

it's funny how there are only 8 threads with the Xbox tag


@“穴”#p121759 From the looks of it only 4 threads only list xbox as the platform. This doesn‘t seem too surprising as someone who was a big fan of the 360 only to be underwhelmed by the Xbox One. Now that I have a PS5 I don’t really see a reason to have a Series system as well.

@“穴”#p121759 this is what I set out to address.

@"tomjonjon"#p121762 I think they should have embraced the nickname "Xbone." I never don't call mine that.

Things I like about my Xbone more than my PS4

  • - its fan is very quiet, no matter the load
  • - controllers don't need to be recharged after every session
  • - western games usually play better on it
  • - back compat, and my PS3 needs a wifi repair
  • - Sega controller layout best for Sega games when you are as focused on unimportant details as I am
  • - subbing to gamepass once in a while
  • - when I lived above ground, I legit loved using the TV tuner to pause and rewind live TV. I'm not making this up, I still have my Hauppauge adapter somewhere
  • vice versa

  • - Japanese games usually run better on it
  • - motion controls (that never get used in enough games but still)
  • - hackable at firmware 9.00, that's it baby
  • - Bloodborne
  • - snappier home interface
  • - share button
  • - I always thought the pink pearl eraser shape of the PS4 was great to look at

    Another win for xbox!


    Behold the censored version of the Great Mighty Poo song from the Xbox remake of Conker's Bad Fur day.

    @“connrrr”#p126283 Now I get to battle the hardest Final Fantasy boss; recovering my account.

    @“HeavenlyHalberd”#p126612 you couldn't make Conker's Bad Fur Day today!

    Learned today that some folks have packaged xbox dlc as downloadable files you can run on modded consoles, saving old DLC from the dustbin of history…er


    @“hellojed”#p127425 truly the game mode of disgraced former presidents


    also where did that video come from?

    The new Xbox dashboard update made me decide to put my Series S in the closet forever.

    @“HyggeState”#p128729 I‘m trying to figure out what’s making the weird space hopper enemy thing move but I actually don't have an answer.

    @“hellojed”#p127425 Is there a specific repo for this DLC? I've only just fired up my OG Xbox recently because of this:

    And have since discovered this:

    So now I have leaderboards working for this (amongst others):

    @“Shaneus”#p128885 Signed up for Insignia and am looking forward to signing in sometime this week!