Show Me Anything Xbox (or "SMAX")

@“hellomrkearns”#p150828 From some light digging it seems to be from the opening(?) of Asobit City from October 2002(?).

There seems to be heaps of Asobit stores opened and closed (source, ctrl+f asobit) but this seems to be Asobit City (1st) in the Laox building.

I found a picture from when it was closing from the [nintendo uk mag]( [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

I then decided to look into the [Famitsu xbox magazines]( from the time, i found some Blinx stuff, mainly this photo from TGS, which is probably the same mascot suit right?

Funnily enough, Blinx didn't release until December and the website you linked clearly says October 10th so I'm pretty confident its for the store opening.
I don't feel like i can get much further though. Maybe someone who can read Japanese or has some local knowledge could find a local magazine about the event?

I got an email that the Retro Fighters Xbox Controller was back in stock this morning and ordered one. Thought I’d drop it here in case anyone was waiting for it as well.

@“treefroggy”#p150881 It was a bit of a throwback for sure. Have fond memories of booting up the PC version of Rayman for the first time and seeing that logo and it's so different than their current logo.

@“Cian”#p151770 when Ubisoft was good

I had some saves on my Xbox both from when I got the thing second hand and from before I modded it that needed to be re-signed. Some developers (Tecmo) made the save files to their games “non-roaming” by locking them to your hard drive‘s serial key and not only did I swap out the stock 8GB drive for two terabytes, but the modding process resets the key to all 1s. There were a few Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball saves from the previous owner and my own Ninja Gaiden Black saves from over a decade ago that I couldn’t use until I got the weird perpetually-in-beta re-signing program XSavSig downloaded and figured out, but it worked!

I haven't touched NGB in well over a decade. I left off at the tank boss in Chapter 9 and have always meant to go back and finish it and the longer it takes me to do that the funnier the prospect sounds. I was bad at this game even though I got as far as I did on normal, and I don't remember how to play it, and Team Ninja's most recent games are so much more playable and intuitive. If it's not too painful, I might do it.

“_____? I'm Outraged!!!” quote of the century

gamers will really record a 3:03:35 outrage video about blinx the minesweeper but won't take 10 minutes to tidy up their room.

@“Tradegood”#p152059 I cannot take an outrage video seriously if there is an untidied room in the background.

@“Chopemon”#p150310 Scanning all those issues of Famitsu Xbox was the only worthwhile thing I ever did on the internet. I've got the original scans for all those covers so let me know if you want any in big BIG quality.

@“swarm”#p152309 hell yeah! I'd love to have a digital flick through those!

Any takes, hopes or prediction for today’s event?

I wasn’t expecting anything but I read


The showcase will pack in more than a dozen new trailers in total, Xbox has said.

and now I think maybe there is something there. I know we’re going to see **Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, The First Berserker: Khazan** but that doesn’t ring any bell for me. Are you excited for any of these and think we should do too?

wildest dream: FF7 Remake, would love to give it another chance.

boring prediction: launch trailer of unicorn overlord, but with the option to preorder in argentina and a surprisingly good price. (Regional pricing hasn’t been revealed yet).

reasonable take (also boring): anything new that’s available today on gamepass works for me

wait, theres the kojima thing!

we're obviously not gonna see anything about that kojima thing before DS2 but is it there, somewhere.

Might as well put the link right here

@"Uli"#p156344 obviously I am excited for *O.D.* but I would also be surprised to see it here. I dunno! Games!! Interesting ones, please!


@“connrrr”#p156345 I am excited for O.D.

yeah, now I remember we saw that somewhat recently so thats off the table.

Agree on Intresting ones!

Time to get weird

I’m not positive that we haven’t already posted this somewhere in this thread but even if this is a repeat, win-win.


Xbox Series S Accidentally Bundled With Physical Game At Dutch Retailer


With the xbox Series X mini-fridge we’re on our way to a full xbox kitchenette