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he’s just sad that his old game that came out yesterday isn’t showing up on the top of the best-selling list and taking it out on one that is good



Condiment info

Happy that I genuinely love every entry in the top tier


I don’t care if a hot dog is a sandwich or not.

But I know that alfredo sauce is not a condiment!

It’s a component of a dish!

This was still a good listen. As someone trying to watch what I eat more closely, mustard is definitely S tier. I’ll use it instead of mayonnaise and pretend that it tastes as good.


I didn’t see them all due to time but was curious what my favourite condiment, mayonnaise was rated as.

C for industrial rubbish is right, but home made with mustard is a totally different experience and can be enjoyed with almost anything.

And yes @BluntForceMama - most sauces are part of the dish, not a condiment. And yes mustard is top tier again if properly made and not filled with vinegar.

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SomeBODY once told me AF reads as foretold-y



Great thread


more than half of these could be mid-period lou reed songs


I went past the barrier of thinking about getting a public library card and GOT a public library card today.

It’s kind of crazy. You can just walk into these buildings and take out books, comics, manga, dvds, blu-rays and games. It’s kind of like xbox game pass on steroids™. And it’s only 45€ per year!

I recommend checking out your local library.


Wait, a library card costs money??


In my city it does, at least! Can’t really speak for anywhere else in the world. Not even anywhere else in Germany, lol. I’m paying the highest price you possibly can pay though. Students and young people pay either almost nothing or literally nothing. The same goes for older people. There’s also a bunch of discounts for people with various disadvantageous life circumstances.

However all of the above applies only if you want to take stuff home. If you just want to read and hangout in the library that’s completely free!

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we pay for the libary in the USA but indirectly through taxation


Unless you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon, and as such do not pay a sales tax on consumer purchases, and your income is low enough that you receive a tax refund when you file your income taxes

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people who receive tax refunds still pay taxes, they just overpay, which produces the refund. Libraries are not funded exclusively through sales tax. It is broadly correct to say that public libraries in the Unites States are funded by public money generated by taxation


Damnit I knew I was gonna get owned by not saying “well I suppose if you’re still getting deductions from your paycheque you’re basically giving the government a zero interest microloan every paycheque until you file your income taxes”

Can you guys not voluntarily withhold payroll deductions? You’d think New Hampshirites at least would be able to

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you can withhold but you are still expected to pay up at tax time

So then if you know you would still be owed a refund at your income level, even if you were to withhold payroll deductions, you could withhold your payroll deductions without accruing a tax debt at the end of the tax year, no? If you wanted to really be resentful about avoiding income tax overpayment, anyway.

At least the way it works here is that the Canada Revenue Agency (our IRS, to make a lot of assumptions about how similar they are) won’t even bother you about filing your income taxes, let alone penalize you, if they know they owe you money, instead of the other way around. Not that I would advocate for not filing income taxes annually, since it only gets more complicated or annoying the longer you avoid doing it, just that it’s not as big a deal as it seems. I mean, take it from me, someone who had to arrange the retroactive filing of 7+ years of back taxes for someone who lived in Canada as an undocumented immigrant for most of that time, but with virtually no taxable income over that time period. It was surprisingly straightforward given the circumstances. I mean, we got a tax preparer to do it, but I was able to follow the gist of what they were doing, 'cause it’s not like there was income to report.

Lifehack: live in dire financial precarity in a particular way to make income tax filing simple, then MAKE BANK on your tax refund!!

Anyway I’m sorry about how much fun I have being a pedant online

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