Show Me Sentai Squads in Games

A fairly recent edition, this five man Zora squad in Tears of the Kingdom:

The hexagon brothers from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

I couldn't find a screenshot of them but

(a sentai-inspired bonus stage in OZ / The Sword of Etheria)

Final Fantasy 15 dlc


Rent a Hero No 1


These cube head guys from Robbit Mon Dieu, I don't know their names because 日本語わかりません。。。

@“Chopemon”#p121783 They actually got in trouble for this one! Saban (the then owner of Power Rangers, not even Super Sentai!) yelled at them for being too close to his Power Rangers movie costumes.

Ultimately they had to change the suits to make them much worse
Am I still mad about this? Absolutely. Absolutely I am still mad about this. Bring back the Sentai suits, Square!

@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p122170 I knew about the trouble but don‘t think I ever saw the redesigns. They’re horrible.

Oh man, I was born for this thread! A few years back, I compiled a list of video game Super Sentai cameos I knew about or could find (I seem to recall finding some of these on a wiki, though some certainly lived in the wrinkles of my brain), hoping to turn it into a podcast episode. I may well still do that, but lord knows if and when that‘ll happen, so allow me to share that list with y’all here and now! I've crossed out the ones that have already been mentioned in this thread.

### Major cameos

These play a part in the story, or are otherwise a Big Deal™.

  • * Bistro Recipe (AKA Fighting Foodons): The “Burger Brigade” – Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Lettuce Burger, Double Burger, Chicken Burger, and Rice Burger.

  • * *Sengoku Basara 2*: The “Gohonyari” (lit. the “Five Spears”).
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * *Tales of the Abyss*: The “Abyssman” team.
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * *Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Kenpūchō*: Ōzora Sentai Cosmo Rangers. Love this game, incidentally – it's a visual novel / TRPG hybrid, and the first game in the metaseries that gave us *Kowloon High-School Chronicle* and *Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters*.
    [IMG height="250"][/IMG]
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Danganronpa V3*: The “Monokubs”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Disgaea* series: The “Prism Rangers”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*God Hand*: The “Mad Midget Five”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak*: The “Ham Rangers”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Killer7*: The “Punishing Rangers Handsome Men”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Lisa the Painful*: The “Salvation Rangers”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Paper Mario: Color Splash* and *Origami King*: The “Rescue V”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Super Mario RPG*: The “Axem Rangers”.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Robbit Mon Dieu*: The “Dot Squad”.~~ Back in 2020, I made a couple of episodes of the aforementioned podcast about obscure video games – I never continued it, *but* [the second episode is about *Robbit Mon Dieu*,](,-it's-jumping-flash-3!/) and I talk about the Dot Squad and their personalities in it! (@"Adria"#p122157)
  • ### Minor cameos

    These are incidental, but nonetheless certainly based on *Super Sentai*.

  • * Animal Crossing series: There are villagers named 1-Gō through 4-Gō (lit. “No. 1” through “No. 4”) as well as 7-Gō (lit. “No. 7”) in the Japanese version. The localized names drop that connection, but their designs remain Sentai-esque! (No. 5 appears later in this post – but where in the holiest of molies did No. 6 go???)

  • * *Dynasty Warriors 8*: Costume DLC.
    [IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG]
  • * *Makeru na! Makendo 2*: Are these not… the literal Power Rangers? They appear in the background of one stage.
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * *Medarot 8*: There are a number of colored variations on the robot Buriki-Oh that all transform into superhero-like duders.
    [IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG]
    [IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG][IMG height="150"][/IMG]
  • * *Miitomo*: Clothing items called “hero costumes” (or “hero team suits”, in the NA version).
    [IMG width="250"][/IMG]
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * *Nintendo Badge Arcade*: Isabelle from *Animal Crossing* appears as *5-Gō* (who doesn't exist in the games!).
  • * *Onigiri Online*: The “Betobeto 5-Ranger” (lit. “Five Sticky Rangers”).
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * *PlayStation Home*: The “Unidentified Squadron U-Man”.
  • * *Pokémon: Omega Ruby* and *Alpha Sapphire* versions: The “Hoenn Rangers Coexistence Force”.
    [IMG height="200"][/IMG]
  • * *Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers*: The “Frost Five”.
    [IMG height="200"][/IMG]
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus*: The “Heart of Justice” Genome Soldiers.~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Persona 2*, *3*, *4*, *5* and *Devil Summoner 2*: “Phoenix Ranger Featherman R”.~~
  • ### Them's references to rangers

    Mentions or visual allusions.

  • * Final Fantasy XIV: “Posing Rangers” poses in a DLC.

  • * *Little King's Story*: The “Onii Rangers”. They're called this, but don't look the part, to my knowledge.
  • * *Mario & Luigi: Dream Team*: A juvenile Seadring – sort of a seahorse-lookin' species – constantly talks about the “Super Seadrings”.
  • * *Mario Party Advance*: The “Toad Force V” is talked about from time to time.
  • * *Mega Man Battle Network 3*: The “Net Rangers”.
  • * *Nintendo Badge Arcade*: In conjunction with the *Animal Crossing* promotion, the rabbit host made up the “Baitorangers” (lit. “Part-Time Job Rangers”) as a theme for a weekly update in 2015. There were five of them: Macho Red, Part-Time Yellow, Nikki Pink, Manager Black, and Real Blue.
    [IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG][IMG height="130"][/IMG]
  • * *Sakura Note*: The main characters watch a tokusatsu show on TV and mimic a certain pose. It's been ages since I played this, and it *may* have been a Kamen Rider reference, but it's one of my favorite video games, so I'd be a right wang to pass up the chance to mention it.
  • * *Tales of the Borderlands*: There's a scene referencing the shots within Megazord.
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • ### The whole dang game is based on 'em

  • * Bomberman: Bakufū Sentai Bombermen

  • * *[Ore no Sentai Oranger](*: This one was originally released for Japanese feature phones, but was recently *ported to Switch,* which is flat-out straight-up unbelievable.
    [IMG width="350"][/IMG]
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Chroma Squad*~~
  • * [⤴]( ~~*Wonderful 101*~~
  • @“Obskyr”#p128224 Wow, that‘s thorough! Shoot the only ones left are all the games that don’t exist yet!

    Patapon 3 with it's multiple masked color-coded warriors


    @“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p107594 The usual boss squad type fellas:

    I don’t remember if the Super Mario RPG remake had already been announced back then but I was reminded of this thread during the Holidays.



    #### We are the Punishing Rangers…


    Also Messrs. Brown, White, Blonde, Blue, Orange and Pink are kind of a sentai squad if you think about it.


    This just popped up on the eShop (and came out on Steam six months ago apparently):

    @“◉◉maru”#p147923 Well shoot, I'm four dollars of curious about this why not

    From SaGa Emerald Beyond

    (admittedly not very sentai in game but surely this was on purpose)