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Romancing SaGa Minstrel song has some useful tool tips.

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Vagrant Story spoilers, sorta



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There is a Legendary Hits version of Tobal 2, released in January 2007, nearly ten years after the original release (April 1997). So this is a Tobal 2 with a modern CERO rating and a Square Enix logo on the cover. The game disc is also reprinted with a Square Enix logo.


The Legendary Hits collection is not the same thing as the long running Ultimate Hits collection, which included games such as the FF series, the DQ series and the Chrono series. A few other games re-released through the Legendary Hits collection were Dewprism, Bushido Blade, Bushido Blade 2 and, strangely enough, Tobal №1.

Not sure what made a title worthy of joining the Legendary Hits collection rather than the Ultimate Hits collection. It could have been sales but Tobal №1 sold really well (for obvious reasons). Maybe "Legendary" applied to series Square Enix considered #dead by the time the PS3 generation had begun.

I do not own any of these UH / LH versions but, if anyone among you does, I am curious about the very slim chance that a Square Enix logo may have been added at the original boot sequence of these reprints, or whether the disc’s image is exactly the same (as one would expect).

@“◉◉maru”#p137722 I have an image of a revised version of Tobal No. 2 - I can load it and check if the catalogue number matches the box you displayed and let you know.

Give me an hour or so please =)

Had a look - there is a small file size difference from the original,. 3mb more. I used Duckstation to run it and the catalogue number it found matched the original release.

I only see two versions released and as the Legendary Hits was a SE release system for certain titles, there wasn't an Ultimate for this one. So while I can't confirm I assume it's just a reprint. And no SE logo at all, just Squaresoft. Even the main menu has Square on it.

Could be a reprint without a full catalogue number update, if I had more time I'd dig in more to find the actual difference in the two discs themselves.

@“TomoftheFog”#p137747 Thank you very much for your helpful and thorough investigation! I don’t really need to know what’s up with the extra 3MB data but that is indeed a bit mysterious.