Show me the little things

@“Funbil”#p130892 these are incredibly similar. The flower, the sun… Is this some specific reference other than “kid drawing”?

I haven’t played Harvest Moon 64 and my brief search hasn’t turned up footage or screenshots of this, but I was listening to the Ashly Burch episode of the podcast My Perfect Console and she described a scene in the game where if you grow flowers in your yard a couple will show up, comment on how nice they are, kiss, and leave, and that’s their whole part in the game.

I mentioned Aerial Assault for SMS in the shmups thread and remembered this little thing about it:


On the mission briefing screen, the little dots on the cockpit screen match the number of letters in each word of the text below, and appear on screen at the same rate.

@“Yim”#p130386 world beach volley for game boy has a surprisingly robust sound test complete with live keyboards also. go check it out! the music and voice samples(!) are excellent!

@"Funbil"#p130892 reminded me of KH. I'm not certain but I'll keep an eye out for any in MML2. there may have been some in MML1. @hellomrkearns they all fit the stereotypical "rakugaki"

Gonna bump this thread because I was about to make one just like it:

How the weaker enemies in Metal Slug like the foot soldiers die instantly from any source of any damage, but they still catch bullets during part of some of their death animations.

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Also while we’re on the topic of Metal Slug: heavy_machine_gun.wav

The Metal Slugs are like Little Things: The Game

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