Show Me Your Things!

This is a safe space for all you thing-havers out there. I want to see your collections, video game or otherwise! Post pics of anything you keep in your home/safezone/pocket/wherever that bring you joy just to look at.

Below is kinda the tip of the iceberg of my stuff-horde, just some cute lil guys and puzzles.

Here's another one for you. This is Chaakoo! I have to live with them, and now you do too.

i beg your pardon

@“connrrr”#p128683 I‘d give you my pardon, but I don’t know if Chaakoo will let me…

I always though it was beneath me, but the older I get, the more I appreciate having a bunch of small totemic figures around.



I feel like I sound like Bjork was talking about it, but like, I want the little fairies existing in my space with me.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p128681 An exquisite piece, amazing design and vintage.

This is on my work desk. I wonder what memories are on there.