Sigh... so is this the Remaster Era?

So it seems like everytime I scroll through my gaming feed on YouTube. The word remaster seems to be attached to a lot of new old game trailers nowadays. It‘s gotten to a point where I just roll my eyes at this point. I do understand that a lot of people probably didn’t play some of these titles, but now I‘m getting the feeling that there’s going to be PS5 remasters on PS6.

Does anyone else get the same feeling?

Of all the corporate greed happening right now, remasters strike me as one of the more innocuous. Simply because I like being able to get old games on my current systems and not have them just locked behind dead consoles I never owned. I‘m not naive enough to think that the original creators are getting a good deal of the money (if any) but I don’t mind paying a little for the convenience of having the games on newer consoles when the console offers something such as portability or higher performance.

I personally have played and beaten dozens of games I probably would have bounced off of if my only option was to emulate it. Even if the "quality of life" improvement suck, it's still nice just to have the games somewhere new.

i get you. ive bought shadow of the colossus on like 3 different platforms, RE1 on god knows how many

on one hand, i get & especially sympathize with the younger crowd bemoaning the constant safe releases of older stuff vs trying new things (at least, from the bigger companies anyway)

on the other hand, as a fan of a lot of these games, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(as @"Tradegood"#p119196 said, it's nice seeing more games accessible to folks who are averse/unaware of emulation as well, and man some RPG's really benefit from QOL stuff)

I‘m generally cool with remasters cause those tend to be ports with graphical upgrades, or minor tweaks. It only bothers me when there are remakes which often feel unnecessary- For example, I would much prefer a remastered/ported version of Demon’s Souls over the PS5 remake. Remakes are only cool when they‘re doing something new or interesting with the original, like the RE2 and FF7 remakes.

Just plain ol’ remasters on their own are harmless, though. It's just a new way to play the same game. I have the hardware to play most things, either by emulation or on console for harder-to-emulate stuff like PS360, so when a remaster looks off to me, I just seek out the original. I can imagine it being frustrating if you wanted to play something and the only option available to you was a “remastered” version with messed-up lighting (i.e. Shadow of the Colossus). In that case (and imo most cases), just a straight port would be better.

I think this ties to how people are less interested in originals and emulators and they detected people want to experiment this the easy way even if it requires to bring some money in. Honestly, I think the problem lies in which games are being remastered and the cash in some companies make rather than the concept of the remaster. Making games more accessible for those who aren‘t that into emulation is not a bad idea, since you can tweak or better things that doesn’t want, but there are cases and cases. RE1 for example is a good remaster, or the Shadows of the Damned or el Shaddai are things that give some of those games a second life. My problem there is when you upgrade some things that aren't that dated even if people consider it and make it a new look, or you touch some things and make them worse. And also, I think another bad thing about that remaster/remake era lies more in the corporate field and milking those ones for more money.

I find them generally inoffensive. If I‘m not interested i a remaster I just won’t play it, there are 1000s of other games out there worth checking.

I think there is a problem when ports or originals are removed from stores in favour of the remake/remaster. I believe there was some controversy around Blizzard removing the original War Craft 3 in favour of the remaster. And there is that whole GTA remaster collections as well.

To be honest I really just worry about the future. Hopefully Indie games continue to bring the creativity that I enjoy.

Like other posters I don‘t mind at all when it is in fact a remaster, i.e. an upscaled port to newer hardware with like widescreen support or whatever (not that that’s always easy), but I feel we are now seeing a greater number of “remasters” which are really an entirely new coat of paint, sounds, voice acting, etc etc. It‘s still case-by-case whether the thing is worth all the extra work, but I do get kind of turned off by the idea that what we’re buying is graphics instead of, for example, bundled series. Like they regraphics‘d Shadow of the Colossus for PS4, but why couldn’t BluePoint have ported their existing remaster instead? Because it‘s about marketing, and publishers have realized they can used old games with shiny new graphics to market their brand (as Sony has done with Colossus) in a way they cannot with slick PS2 ports.

On some level it’s not fair to expect every port to be an embarrassment of riches on the level of MGSHD, but it is how things used to be in the golden past :sob:

"[Remasters] are like any other [game]. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit it's not my problem..."

I like remasters because they bring an old game to modern consoles and make them more accessible, especially when it comes to games that have become incredibly expensive in the awful retro bubble we live in. I‘m working on some long essay about attempting to classify the terms of what exactly a game remake is and how we need to classify them more specifically because I feel like remake has become too vague of a term. For example, the Resident Evil remakes are really good examples of how games can all be labeled “remakes” but are very different in terms of how they approach the original material. The RE1 remake on GameCube is the same gameplay as the original but expanded upon with extra and altered content, the RE2 remake has different gameplay and is a complete reimagining/reinterpretation of the original, and while I haven’t played the RE4 remake yet (or RE4 in general somehow), it seems pretty 1:1 with updated graphics. I think the 1:1 remakes of games that still look perfectly fine are the only ones that bother me. The remake of Ocarina of Time on 3DS I have no issue with because the N64 version was dated, but something like the RE4 remake or Last of Us remake feel redundant to me.


@“captain”#p119669 Of course, atlus always has to do something like that. People are going to be pissed that you can't walk the dog any more.

But imo, the FES epilogue kinda sucks... I think it's actually the common consensus that it's not very good. It is the definition of "unnecessary and poorly balanced/integrated thing added in a remaster". Maybe purists are actually happy about this decision? This makes the whole conversation about remasters kinda strange. I personally think one of the biggest reasons to go back and remake this game would be to fix "The Answer".

I think we'll probably see "The Answer" as DLC, as well as a skin for Kotone Shiomi, but the P3 Portable social links and stuff can't really be implemented without them selling us a standalone "Persona 3 Royal" edition later this gen.

@“captain”#p119669 I actually am curious to see if they change anything about the beach sequence haha.

part of the problem is the medium‘s dependence on technological “progress” to sell shiny new things. We’ve talked about this elsewhere on the forum but it‘s really kind of silly that entire aesthetics get discarded in just a few years time, like Naomi games for example - great stuff that just burns out in a minute because moves on. It doesnt have to be that way of course from an artistic perspective and it’s not a churn that other media is subject to, at least with the same relentlessly fast pace. So I think it‘s this same immaturity that leads to all these remasters both because the actual means to play these games have been discontinued and/or because they can be resold. And it’s generally exhausting and devaluing imo

The notable exception is when the actual creators can make use of tech advances to more fully elucidate what they were going for and come up with something genuinely worth revisiting for reasons other than "playability" or resold nostalgia. _REmake_ and _Pathologic 2_ are the big examples in my mind. But I definitely think the Demons souls and SotC remasters/remakes were bad ideas

@“Tradegood”#p119680 I‘ve heard the FES stuff isn’t great, I‘m just kind of surprised (no I’m not) they didn't finally take the opportunity to put everything together. This was it! Though I guess it would make the recent P3P port pretty redundant

I think (good) ports are generally always a positive thing. Games being available on more platforms, as long as they aren't butchered in the process, is great! Full on remakes that replace the original art and sound wholly on the other hand are a lot more dubious. Virtually every time I have sat down to play a remake in that style I drop it pretty quick (and sometimes end up just playing the original again a little later). Remakes that use the original as a springboard to make a “re-imagining” are more interesting than that but… still not as interesting as just actually making a new game.

When remakes are at their most cynical I don't really view them any different from 1:1 film remakes, or Hollywood remakes of foreign films, or colorized black and white films - a low risk attempt to make a quick buck by making the media more "comfortable" for the target consumer.