Single-player games you revisit

I often look at my video game collection like my book library: while I loved the experience of playing these games (or reading these books) I usually won‘t go back to them again. There are a few games though that I’ve enjoyed so immensely in one aspect or another (music, mechanics, world, story, etc.) that I've played through them multiple times.

Some games are easy to revisit because you are meant to play them over and over again to get better and improve your score. Yes, I love shooters and two of the top games on my PSN annual recap were Ginga Force and Ketsui. But I'm talking about those single-player experiences that take you on a journey.

I can go back to Hyper Light Drifter, Ratchet & Clank, or Cave Story any day of the week and I revisit The Beginner's Guide and What Remains of Edith Finch for the same reasons I would reread a short story. There is so much joy in finding a world you want to revisit, a journey you want to experience again, a story you want to hear countless times, even though you know how it ends.

What games bring you back?

Hyper Light Drifter and Cave Story definitely fit the bill for me. Usually it‘s action games with a bit of a learning curve. I wait until I’ve “forgotten” how to play them and then pick them up again.

Some games, like Mario Odyssey, I'll delete my save and just go at it again, getting all the moons and such.

I also revisit games during seasons or times of the year. Does anyone else do this? I dunno why, but around fall/winter time I get the urge to play a Megaman and I'll start up one of the many to choose from and plow through it.

And then there's Dark Souls. I've best that game countless times. Every time I start again I build a character I've never tried and I like to experiment. I've been trying to get an Indiana Jones build going (whip in the right hand and light crossbow in the left).

Every so often I jump back into Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition because it‘s just a silky smooth action experience that’s easy to complete in either one or a handful of consecutive sittings. I‘m not masochistic enough to try to S rank every mission, but incrementally improving my skills at jump canceling or perfectly parrying every attack in a boss encounter is extremely satisfying. I purchased DMC3 on the PS2 and then grabbed the HD remake for the PS3, again on a college roommate’s PS3, my own PS3 and again on the PS4 just to have it handy when I want to return to it. Each time I've had an internal monologue while hoving my finger over the button to confirm my purchase: Is it really worth the $10 or whatever to buy this game again? Sometimes I would wistfully exit the game store page, only to return again several days later driven by the same feeling of wanting to slay demons with maximum style. The answer, in the end, is always yes. I must make these devils cry.

I only ever find myself doing this with Batman: Arkham Asylum and the Hitman (2016-present) series. Idk if the latter counts because they're designed to be revisited.

With Arkham Asylum, though, I just think it's neat to go back to the beginning of that series. The scope was far more narrower than where it ended up. While I like the later games in that series, I love how simple the first game feels in comparison.

@shlootermcgavin#16268 I haven‘t returned to Arkham Asylum in a long while, but I consider it to be the most well-designed experience out of the three (four, but who counts Origins). The tight focus on exploration and unlocking new areas as you find upgrades and equipment was lost as those games expanded their scope. I liked being able to swoop around rooftops in Arkham City, but by the time Arkham Knight came around I think the series lost focus. Plus the combat didn’t really expand that much in the grand scheme of things.

Love your username by the way. This guy spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff.

I'll have more to say in a bit but I am heavily meditating on the word “solitaire” right now


The final boss of single-player games.

hitman would be one for me as well. Nice just to see those little super-detailed dioramas inmotion, and having a scoring system and multiple “solutions” helps. I also like to revisit amiable platformer like adventure island, monster world, etc

I find that I never replay the heavier, more onerous types of single player games like an uncharted or a call of duty.

i do a yearly playthrough of steambot chronicles every year and attempt to replay one final fantasy every year as well. as of lately, i always revisit the new hitman trilogy whenever i don't know what i want to play, though i know i want to play something

For about half my life now, I’ve played Resident Evil 4 on a yearly basis. I own 4-5 different physical versions, and own it digitally on multiple platforms. I must have played that game at the right time to really make a huge impact on me to constantly revisit it. The world, the gameplay, and the characters just resonated with me in such a way that constantly draws me back to that game. I am so happy it got released on Switch so I can finally have a good portable version to bring with me, I did play the iOS one years ago even too.

I replay one of the GBA/DS Advance Wars games about once a year. I usually replay the campaign on the hard difficulty then go back and try to top my scores on the Battle Map areas. Those games have such a great feel to them.

that reminds me, I do play tactics over every couple of years. Don’t plan to, just wind up doing it

The games that I replay on almost a yearly basis are the Metal Gear Solid games specifically 3 and 4. I think a big reason for me coming back to these games is mainly because I go back to these games as kind of a palate cleanser of sorts. If I get burnt out on playing games and take a break I'll just boot up a Metal Gear game and play something familiar.

The Ultimate Doom, RE:4, Earthbound, and Pokemon FireRed are games that I constantly pick up and start a new save in.

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