Slightly mysterious(?) stuff from your life

@“devilsblush”#p136211 You should get a carbon monoxide detector if you don't already have one. And remember to place it closer to the floor than the ceiling; carbon monoxide is denser than other gases and will accumulate below before it reaches above!

i'm from Oregon and have heard the term carport quite a lot, though mostly in the rural desert areas of Central Oregon where my grandparents used to live.

EDIT: @"TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee"#p136225 oh no this just reminded me of all the horrifying stories i used to read in r/glitchinthematrix and how many of them were just people getting CM poisoning!!

@“treefroggy”#p136213 I have also never heard it in california aside from people who weren‘t from california, and I had to figure out what they meant. Like why would you want mud in your room, no thx as far as I’m concerned

Also not mysterious but I love a good derail - took me many many years of living I Montreal to put together that ppl constantly talking about a “tempo” are in fact talking about temporary car ports (I think it's a local brand name that stuck)

@“brillpickle”#p136243 Definitely never heard this, always fun to learn a new term!

@“exodus”#p136245 I think this is a very regional one! Only quebec as far as I know, as I‘m originally from Ontario and hadn’t heard it (but also there are nowhere near as many of these ugly things anywhere else I've ever been)

this is foreboding, in a familiar way. (This is on the wall at our terrible, awful, soulless corporate coworking space in the gentrification building)


I'm a big fan of coincidences and synchronicity (the concept but also the song by The Police heh heh heh heh).

After my wife and I were married, we lived with her mom in a spare room. To get to her mom's house, we'd drive down a road and pass this house on a corner and turn right into the neighborhood. The house on the corner we passed had a street sign mounted to their garage door as a novelty or whatever. The street sign had a name, like "John Smith Way". I always wondered about that sign... Was it a novelty sign made just for the John Smith that lived there?

Shortly after, the wife and I moved out of her mom's house and into an apartment. To get to the apartment complex, we'd drive down a road and pass this house on a corner and turn right into the apartment complex. Well, the street we would pass before turning right into the complex... was "John Smith Way"!!!

The first time I noticed my jaw dropped. I know it's a little thing, but the fact that I would pass the street sign and turn right in _exactly_ the same way as I did to get to the place I lived previously was just... crazy random. Like, the street sign was exactly the same shape and color and orientation to me when I would pass it and everything. I'm guessing maybe the street was named after John Smith and maybe John Smith lived in that house on the corner near my mother in law's house?

last time we had snow in the yard, there appeared a set of footprints coming from the road, where there wasn’t any snow, leading through the yard, stopping outside my daughter’s window, then heading back out to the street where the trail disappeared.

this prompted us to get one of them ring cameras, but we haven’t caught any peeping toms or whatever.