Slow games for chilling out

Hey all! The world is super fast and I for one feel like I am constantly bombarded with a million little tasks that I can never get on top of. So when I get to play a game, I enjoy an experience that is able to go slow and smooth and let‘s me take my time with it. I’m wondering if you all have good slow comfort-food games you like to chill out to that'd you like to recommend and share.

I think an example of bad slow gameplay are RPG's with a slow grind to level up but a good example would be something that let's you walk around and explore a lovely town. Anything goes really, and I'm interested in hearing everyone's recs!

If you came ‘round the forums by way of Tim’s stuff you probably already know about it and have maybe put a mental pin in it to make sure you get around to it, but Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the weird game that he translated a little while ago for its first western release, is a lot of things, one of those things is certainly leisurely paced

Games that chill me out:

  • - Cubivore
  • - Legend of the River King: A Wonderful Journey (PS2)
  • - Brandish
  • - King's Field 2
    Just off top. Your results may vary
  • for outrun on the genesis theres a secret menu you can pull up and turn collisions off. so the game becomes the ultimate chill road trip game


    Outrun (No Collisions):

    By no means deep cuts or anything, but due to family stuff / medical stuff / work stuff / etc stuff I‘ve been pretty tired in the evenings, and I’m having a good time slooowly working through the Yakuza games. Long soap opera cutscenes, easy-going minigames, simple combat, the opportunity to just go for a nice walk and meet some friendly people (and beat up scum when I feel like it) all make for relaxing nighttime fun.

    It's been a while since I played some of them so I'm starting again from the beginning. I haven't played 6, 7 or Judgement at all, so I look forward to starting them in about 50 years.

    Last year I had a very chill time playing through Death Stranding over 6 months. I‘m somewhat hesitant to recommend it because the sheer amount of (obtuse) narrative and mechanical information it throws at you during the first two hours can be overwhelming and maybe antithetical to relaxation–menus are cluttered and superficially complex–but past that hurdle I think it becomes a fairly zen-like exercise in repetitive terrain navigation and uncomplicated errand-running. "I’ve got an hour to kill, I‘ll go gather some materials for that road I’m building with forty strangers." Also a great game to play while listening to a certain podcast…


    @billy#25097 I look forward to starting them in about 50 years

    lol same here

    Final Fantasy is like sinking into a warm bath for me. Also Triple Town baby

    @captain#25116 I played Death Stranding on easy and found it to be very chill.

    @marlfuchs2#25095 the 3ds and switch versions of Outrun have settings to make the game easier and therefore quite chill. I can’t recall if there is a setting to turn off collisions though.

    After starting this thread, I was looking back at games of my past to figure out if I had a good answer for my own question.

    I started to think a lot about different car customization options in racing games, and how chill they were. Like, racing with them is okay, but something about spending an hour to just tune up and decorate the perfect car is so satisfying. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) came to mind for me. I spent so much time just messing around on that (making an very ugly neon green El Camino if anyone is interested haha).

    @billy#25097 I played through yakuza 0 over the summer and took my sweet time with it and it was such a satisfying experience. The episodic structure of the main missions really makes it feel okay for me to just put down the game and walk away. Or just hop on for 30 minutes to mess around with the cabarets or play through a dumb side mission. I really need to play me another yakuza.

    I like how a lot of driving games are popping up. I‘d add American/Euro Truck Simulator into the mix. It’s a game I can just turn on once a month or whatever and listen to a podcast or music, not even caring how much progress I‘ve made in game. There’s something nice about slowly passing by things.

    I associate the 3DS with this too. Them Pushmo and Picross puzzles are great for this.

    Umihara Kawase (the Ultimate Video Game Hipster Pick)

    I feel like my default answer is Animal Crossing, but at the moment I‘m playing Disaster Report 4 when I wanna relax. It’s pretty hard to fuck up, just a nice look at stuff and walk game, but fancy. I think Raw Danger is slightly better at that though, 'cause you can dress-up more.

    I was gonna say Raw Danger! Except when I play that game, I obsess over all the different paths and collectibles, not very relaxing when you're stressing about that stuff.

    How about Noby Noby Boy

    I’m all for Fantasy Life on 3DS as a chill game with a long fuse. Effectively a multi track todo list wrapped in simple action RPG trappings, with a wholly saccharine storyline with nicely quippy dialogue. Gameplay is basic but it gives me the chill progression feeling of a harvest moon, without the time limits of “I gotta get x y z done NOW or else”. Set your own priorities, and take the game at its face value: it literally has multiple quest lines whose punchline is “what’s the rush through life, man? Just enjoy what you’re doing in the moment.” Can play the whole game non-combat if you want.

    Plus if you squint your eyes and pretend the game’s depth is some sorta Sword-Art-Online-infinite-cornucopia-of-content and not look anything up, your brain might actually buy it. It takes a bit of time to encounter the real edges and there are a good number of subtle hidden things. The endgame with DLC is fully insane and a total treat to chip away at.

    It’s given me tons of nice chill feelings, and just taking a minute to gush here has helped me unwind, so thanks for reading in any case.

    Oh duh

    The ultimate slow game for chilling out:

    Boku no Natsuyasumi

    also, an Animal Crossing Clone by the creator of BnN:
    365 Days of Hats and Magic, aka Magician's Quest for NDS!

    Talking about Kentucky Route Zero in the podcast thread made me think that this is a pretty good game for the chilling out, before bed stuff. It‘s real slow paced and you don’t feel any pressure to move the plot forward. You can walk around and really take in all the really pretty set pieces. Plus- there‘s even a bit where you’re just sitting at a bar observing what's going on.

    I find the Metal Gear Solid games relaxing, specifically 1, 5 and 3. You can play those as slowly as you need for the most part. I really love vibing in Red Dead 2 also. The music and incredible environment is so nice to do nothing in. I like Earthbound because it's familiar and I can play that game over and over, all day at any point in the game and have a good laugh every single time. Ni no Kuni is a game that gives me warm fuzzies so I recommend that. The Persona series is real chill to me because of the music.

    That's all I got for right now.


    @vegetables#25253 Talking about Kentucky Route Zero in the podcast thread made me think that this is a pretty good game for the chilling out, before bed stuff. It’s real slow paced and you don’t feel any pressure to move the plot forward. You can walk around and really take in all the really pretty set pieces. Plus- there’s even a bit where you’re just sitting at a bar observing what’s going on.

    Oh yeah, that's my once a year play through an episode when it's quiet at 3AM chillout game