Slow games for chilling out

roll a doobie & play kero kero king

Wattam is extremely chill and good vibes only

@SuperEffective#25260 lol im SO nervous playing MGS

@tapevulture#25636 I just love that about the franchise. It's so packed with details that range from amusing to very serious that you can have the most hilarious experience, or you submerge yourself in a cold shower of Tactical Espionage Action. I gotta hand it to MGS5, that game had me either crackin up or feeling the pressure of having to live up to the abilities of a super soldier.

Golf Games

Everybody's Golf

Fake Golf Games
_What the Golf?!_
_Golf Story_

Jump Around Explore Collect Stuff Games
_The Touryst_
_Steep or SSX games_
_THPS 1+2 or most old THPS games_

Construction Puzzle Games
_Bridge Constructor_

Straight Up Solo Puzzle Adventure Games
_10000000 + You Must Build a Boat_
_Puzzle Quest_

Also just roaming around messing with stuff in GTA games is pretty chill

@copySave Grindstone looks like a good time. I will have to check that out. The Touryst has also been on my switch wish list for quite a while.

@tomjonjon#25740 Grindstone‘s a good drop in-out game. Been playing it on the Switch. Has a pretty lengthy set of challenges with unlocks and upgrades, a ’daily grind‘ endless mode, and is super light on story. I think I’m close to 75% done after almost 8 hours. Very satisfying when you get high combos. Another great Capy puzzle game.

Toursyt has a bunch of fun little one off things with some not so subtle nods to other games (see California Games). Definitely chill with only a few combat instances and a breezy 6-7 hours to finish. For a company that mostly makes slick shooters and racing games, I bet Shinen had a good time making it. I might get it again on the PC or XSX for full 4k - but the Switch version runs a locked 60fps in both modes.

I really like making slow methodical progress in the Etrian Odyssey games and the music kinda reinforces the chill vibe about it. I've started playing RPGs right before bed to relax and EO is a real solid fit.



My most recent playthrough of MGS3 was much more leisurely than the 3 or 4 times I‘d previously gone through it, and it was the best time I’ve had with it yet! On previous playthroughs I would always kind of rush through for some reason—gotta finish the game and move on to the next thing! But if you take your sweet time with these Metal Gears they'll love you back. :slight_smile:

Definitely right about that wealth of details: every room in MGS3 (and 2, and 4, but the specifics for those are different) seems to have some little secret buried in it, something to experiment with (wildlife, items, secret passages, enemy behaviors, codec conversations). I called Sigint basically any time I picked up a new piece of equipment, and Para-Medic whenever I found some new food or got hurt in a new way. I saved often to hear all the movie descriptions. Sometimes I'd call Zero just for the heck of it, to see if he'd have something to say about whatever just happened in the story. Lots of extremely missable radio conversations.

If you're nervous @tapevulture I'd suggest playing on a lower difficulty until you get so comfortable reading enemy behavior you don't even have to think about it (maybe this isn't what the problem is, though, don't want to presume). I get being anxious in stealth games, so I don't mean to downplay that, but the fact that you can take things so slowly in Metal Gear makes things easier for me, I find. Gives you more time to mess around with stuff.

@captain#25788 i love that you can literally win a boss battle if you play slow enough in mgs 3

@copySave#25747 these descriptions make them sound like games I need to play soon.

This game looks like it fits the thread:

@captain#25788 i remember when i first started playing MGS i bought too much into its stealth premise and i tried to play the game never killing any guards, just sneaking and hiding. obviously it's not really designed around that lol

my other thing with MGS is that because there's so much stuff you can do, the controls are really complicated, and if i get seen by an enemy i'm like ahhh fuck what do i do!! then i will like accidentally hit the button to crouch. wrong time to do that


@tapevulture#25965 i will like accidentally hit the button to crouch

Well... can't really blame you for this lol

It's not really designed around just sneaking and hiding... unless you consider tranq-ing/knocking out guards to be part of that equation B) (though that would be real annoying in MGS1).

I had such a fun time playing MGS5 a few years back. I never got a chance to play any of the other games tho and had always been interested in going back to playing them. Is the HD collection for 360 a good way to play 2 & 3? I‘m looking around online right now, and it seems there’s not a great way to play MGS1 on any HD consoles which is unfortunate.

@Nritter2#26080 It's best on the Xbox thanks to BC. Pretty much fixes all of the fps drops for a locked 60 in both games

Obligatory DF video

As for MGS1 there is Twin Snakes on the GCN if want better graphics, but I think the PS1 version is superior for the better voice acting and simplified mechanics. The aim-down-sights and rail-flip added to MGS:TS makes the game way too easy. I'd say go with @Syzygy#26087 and mod the PC version or put some filters in an emulator if the original is too old looking

Oh yeah, I‘ve held onto my PS3 almost entirely as a Metal Gear Solid and Mega Man Legends machine, lol. With PS3 you get the best of both worlds since the Dualshock 3 has pressure sensitive buttons, although I guess there’s no longer any way to buy the HD collection unless you find the physical version used.

Twin Snakes is an interesting little oddity but I would hate for it to be someone's introduction to Metal Gear Solid 1. The cutscenes (directed by Ryuuhei Kitamura of _Versus_ fame) are incredibly overwrought tryhard bullshit that see Snake busting out all kinds of crazy Matrix nonsense that in no way jives with what you can actually do in-game. All the original voice actors return to deliver the exact same dialogue but slightly worse, although it does correct some things that didn't quite make sense, like how Mei Ling had a chinese accent despite being raised in America. The graphics have this sterile plastic sheen to them that just don't have the same charm as the crunchy textures of the original and I feel like the color palettes of the environments are also slightly homogenized all the way through. And yeah, having the MGS2 controls in the exact same level design just makes the whole thing way too easy. If there are mods that make that PC version on GOG actually playable, sure, go for it. I'd probably just go with a PS1 emulator, though.

On the main topic of slow games, I've been actually having a really chill time playing Hitman after work! I'm trying to be more productive in my free time and Hitman is a really good game for that since it's just a collection of self-contained missions you can beat in anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. I come home, turn on the PS5, and play for about an hour and a half or so. I walk away satisfied and ready to go draw whether I actually beat a mission or just did a bunch of exploring and uncovered opportunities I can use in my next run.

@GigaSlime#26163 Yeah - Hitman feels like Goldeneye, Tony Hawk or old action/objective games that are meant to replayed and as you learn the level, you get more creative and experimental. They give you a ton of save slots to mess around with too - and gives it this casual vibe. It almost feels like a game based around time travel.

I don‘t really know where else to put this. Someone shared it on Twitter – Etiran Odyssey inventor Kazuya Niinou’s take on how to use your imagination when playing the game, taken from the game‘s original website. It’s wonderful.


@whatsarobot#26401 YES!!! And this is why I love D&D style RPGs. I love imagining my characters doing all the things– I get so much more out of the unlimited possibilities of my mind that way. I think it's very important. It applies to some action games too. The sort of stuff that makes you wanna draw your guys doing the stuff they do. Man this hits hard.