Snow Time 2023 (Southern Hemisphere Do Not Interact (jk))

We got snow up here near vancouver yesterday. Big big flakes for like an hour or two, enough that it actually started sticking to the ground, before it turned back to rain. Probably the earliest I've ever seen snow in my life! Used to come in February or March, if at all.

Strange times, my friends!

today, somebody i know leaned over in class to show me that we're forecasted to get snow sometime soonish; will keep you all posted.

It‘s been 19 days since the first snowfall as documented in my first post, and I was actually surprised (pretending it’s just a lack of surprise and not existential dread) at how unseasonably warm it was over the past few weeks. We got a very light dusting again I think three or four days ago, and it stayed on the ground for a while, but it is gone now.

My little old lady dog, the black one for those of you who keep track, is the best weatherlady--over the last few weeks she spent a lot of time in the late mornings and afternoons outside being solar-powered on the deck or in the dirt up against the outside brick of the wall that faces east and heats up in the sun, even when it was at single digit temperatures. She does not tolerate cold, wind, or wet unless absolutely necessary, but she seems to really like sniffing the fresh air and soaking up the rays, so her capriciousness can perhaps counterintuitively be used as a tool to very accurately gauge the weather.

For instance, today she looked like she wanted to lay on the deck for a bit, but she did not end up staying for more than a few minutes. Despite late mornings and afternoons still getting quite pleasantly one a sunny day, the temperatures have still been below the single digit line (for Celsius for reference 10 degrees C is 50F) more often than not, more and more hovering around just above freezing, and now it's about every second or third day I'll see it dip below freezing for at least part of the day.

Won't be long now...

The difference in temperature between mornings and afternoons has caused me to have a problem common to people as dumb as I am.

In the morning, I wore my winter coat to drop my kids off at daycare. Later in the afternoon when I was going out, coatless, I dug up and overturned my entire house trying to find my wallet. After all kinds of searching, including calling and returning to the gas station to see if my wallet got dropped there, I ended up cancelling my bank cards.

Well, this morning when I pulled out my winter coat again because it's 25 degrees in the morning, I found my dang wallet.


@“edward”#p91889 The difference in temperature between mornings and afternoons has caused me to have a problem common to people as dumb as I am.

Well I guess I'm as dumb as you, then, cause one of my favourite things about the cold season is how it gives me a completely static, universally applicable place to put my wallet and keys.

For a little while, I had two winter outerwear setups--a good leather jacket I wore a sweater under, which was adequate for me for most times and situations, & a Serious Coat From A Boutique Brand, that, to its credit, was _never_ not warm enough, but was also often _too_ warm.

I'm never going back to that bedlam is all I'll say...

Also, hoo boy, it appears that we are in it now.

[img height=700][/img]

Forecast is conspicuously without any temperatures above freezing, even with a relatively decent amount of sunlight.

Not to mention, I have now officially starting having to intervene on the matter of there being a bunch of water on the driveway... I believe there was some freezing rain last night and conditions are still very Water Sure Does Strange Things When Changing States of Matter overall, so we had some pseudo-slush and weirdly thick sheets of ice covering a lot of the driveway. And, let me tell you, it's not impossible those were going to remove themselves, but if they weren't, it wasn't likely going to get any easier to do it.

I think I‘m turning into an old man about this. It kept lightly snowing weird crystalline pseudo-slush all day and I think it’s still doing so, and all I want to do is go out there and get it while it's still at least pretending to be sorta powdery…

[size=10]UPDATE[/size]: snow is on the ground with more moving in as we speak. Gonna be snowing all week so I think this is it. Rip all my polyurethane wheelie toys.

**[size=10]I WILL BE NEEDING[/size]:**

  • - new gloves that are warm but not made of wool because the nails I keep long on my right hand cut through all wool gloves eventually
  • - a new headband, this should be made of wool but better not have some stupid logo on the front
  • Made a big gasp when I opened the curtains and looked outside this morning.

    it has snowed here. it’s kinda melting, but still there!

    I‘m not sure how I missed this thread until now, since I live in a pretty snowy place! We got our first snow in the last week of October and our first snow that stuck around after it fell during the first week of November. This is pretty early for us, but it’s a relief from last year's ice storms (unusual for here).

    Snow glare is so nostalgic for me that, because most of the winters I spent in Toronto were just wet and green and gross, when I came back north and had what felt like my first snowy winter in years and saw glare exploding all around me one early afternoon in January I became moved to tears.

    @“connrrr”#p94183 I understand what you mean! I grew up in rural northern Maryland, and as a kid we got a bunch of snow (not Canada-levels, but still, it was a mostly annual event), so I have extremely strong nostalgia for snowy weather. I spent a bunch of years in the PNW, where snow is an oddity, and when it happens it's either mostly ice or disappears pretty fast, so moving to Edmonton has made me realize just how much I love the snow. Which is funny, because most of my local friends fucking hate the snow, deeply.

    @“Karasu”#p94186 what's the heated patio scene like in Edmonton?

    @“connrrr”#p94197 Not bad! Of course in much colder (say, -30) weather, it kinda tapers off, but many restaurants have a heated patio, especially ones that are in areas with lots of retail and foot traffic.

    I know I‘m not supposed to interact but I came here expecting to see pictures of snow and there’s only like one!?

    @“exodus”#p94211 the Do Not Interact prompt is for the southern hemisphere, not just warmer climates. Maybe you've jinxed it now and Oakland is going to get snow this year!

    @“exodus”#p94211 it’s not very picturesque, but here’s the extremely been melting snow in my backyard.

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p94213 if I ever see snow fall in oakland it will be the end of days!!! (it happened once in berkeley in my lifetime)


    @“exodus”#p94222 if I ever see snow fall in oakland it will be the end of days!!! (it happened once in berkeley in my lifetime)

    Well, let's hope you're more of a Nostradamus than a Cassandra for sure, then...

    Today there was actually a decent amount of melt, lots of sunlight today meant there were temperatures just above freezing and some surface melt. The driveway is almost completely clear!

    It wasn't enough to get even grass poking through anywhere, though. It's also forecasted to snow tomorrow. However... it's also forecasted to be quite warm tomorrow, and warm the next few days with a shocking high of 7 on Saturday I think.

    This sucks actually, I hate snow showers and freezing rain. Like, please make up your mind!


    @“exodus”#p94211 I know I’m not supposed to interact but I came here expecting to see pictures of snow and there’s only like one!?

    I am a recluse atm and don't get out much before the sun is more or less down at like 5pm, but I have been meaning to get some pics up! I'll definitely get some on here once the snow starts getting _impressive._