So here's what I've got so far

How high can we go

Horizon One Dawn
Buriki Two (or Two Piece: Pirate Warriors)
Army of Three (or, Outrun 2006, Coast 3 Coast)
Romance of the Four Kingdoms (or Four Dirty Dwarves)
Fiveza (or Left 5 Dead)
Space Channel 6
Rainbow 7
Killer 8 (or Eight samurai 20XX)
Vigilante 9
Greatest Ten
Day of the Eleventacle (or virtua elevenis, or XI com)
Winning 12, Inazuma 12 etc
Majestic Thirteen: The Space Invaders Part IV (or XIII Stag)
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 17 – Licensed to Drive
25: The Game
Hitman: Codename 48
51 Cent: Blood on the Sand (again)
One-Hundred Nights (or Drake of the 100 Dragons)
The Wonderful 102
429: Shibuya Scramble
Police 912
Thousand and One Arms

Well!? What else!!! (note: some of these were taken from twitter helpers!)

The Wonderful 102

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 17 – Licensed to Drive

25: The Game

Hitman: Codename 48



429: Shibuya Scramble/429: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de

65 for any branded "64" game (not very fun though)

Minor-ish spoiler hopefully no one will care about: Danganronpa V3's "V3" is revealed to be a stylized 53, so V4 could suffice for 54 if no other options arise.

One Time Dilemma


Three Worlds

Fire Emblem: Four Houses

Left 5 Dead, Legend of Zelda 5 Swords Adventure

Six Nights at Freddy's

Wings of Vii

Shantae and the Eight Sirens

9-Bit Bayonetta

10 Hours 10 Persons 10 Doors



Ranma 1/3

Space Station 14

B-18 Bomber

Rumble Roses XXI

26 to Life

101% Orange Juice

10,001 Bullets

Million and One Arthur Arcana Blood

19 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker

F-15 tomcat

X-16 Alpha Mission

B-18 Flying Fortress

19 Wheels of Steel

WWE Wrestlemania XX

Metal Slug XXI

Eyeshield 22

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 23

Megazone 24: Aoi Garland

26 to Life

Tetsujin 29-Go

Cabela's Grand Slam Hunting: North American 30 (or MiG-30 Fighter Pilot)

Thirty-One Flights of Loving (or 31-Second Hero?)

Army of Two (three?): The 41st Day (or 41 Winks)

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 42-46

Tokyo 43

81 Days

Warhammer 40,001: Dawn of War

Kentucky Route One

XICOM: Enemy Known

Saturday the 14th: The Game


1002 Spikes

1081º Snowboarding

Katana One

Extreme G-4

Wipeout 2049, Wipeout 2098

Metal Gear Solid: The Triplet Snakes

41 Winks

And I think that's all I've got, haha

One More Heroes


Kingdom Hearts: 1+358/2 Days

Ztwo of the Enders

Mario Kart: Triple Dash

Phantom Brave: We Meet A Third Time

N3O: Chemical Impossibility

Bravely Third

World for Three


4x4 Eyes


Flesh 5 Boy

Blue Submarine No. 7

Eien no Hachigatsu

Eight Doorways

Vigilante 9: 3rd Offensive



Ten Hours Ten Persons Ten Doors

Project XI Zone 3

Hector 88


101 World Story


Room 238

Paper Mario: The Thousand and One Year Door

Buddy Simulator 1985

Sauna 2001

Aurora Memoria: Philosophical Data Session 2094

10001 Years

Les Adventures du Ka: 20,001 Avant J.C.

I decided to make some of these really cryptic.

Waku Waku 8

4 Wonders

XIII Stag / XIII Zeal

Viper Phase 2

Elevenkomori Shooting

Elevenchi wo Kurou



Halo Infinite+1


shin megami elevensei

Ape Escape: Million and One Monkeys

689 Attack Sub

4-D Tetris

Q Billion and One

Quake Zero

(via Quake Minus One)

Vigilante 9: 3nd Offence

I just come up with another one: